New Getting Jefferson Right Endorsement: Charles Dunn

Former Dean and current Distinguished Professor of Government in the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, Charles Dunn, sent along an endorsement of Getting Jefferson Right. Dunn’s endorsement:

“‘Getting Jefferson Right’ by Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter stands up for truth in scholarship against the scholarly problems found in David Barton’s ‘The Jefferson’s Lies.’ Because of the courage of Throckmorton and Coulter, Barton has regrettably fallen from his pedestal of preeminence as a scholar of the early American era. Throckmorton and Coulter deserve the ‘Medal of Honor’ for courage and probity.”

-Charles Dunn, Distinguished Professor of Government & Former Dean Robertson School of Government, Regent University. Author and/or Editor of 20 books on American politics, including The Seven Laws of Presidential Leadership and American Culture in Peril.

David Barton and Rick Green want to convince their audience that liberal elitists are behind the concerns over The Jefferson Lies. Rick Green said elitist professors are using the tactics of Hitler and Alinsky to attack Barton.  Chuck Dunn can in no way be accused of being a leftist.

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