Abateesi – Martin Ssempa goes pop

Ugandan pop has got some game as indicated by this energetic music video collaboration of Ugandan artists Weasel, Radio, and Chance Nalubega with a guest appearance by Martin Ssempa. Below the video, I have a translation provided by Thomas Muyunga.




……You have made me part of the common conversation, as if am Museveni,

am part of all your conversations, that I Chance, am showing off, What is wrong with my showing off?

People are hard to understand in this world.

I Chance, it is my habit to not interfere with people

I never despise people at all,

But am flabbergasted about it all,

The good thing am made out of mettle,

I know how to go about this world,

The world needs those who are tougher.


…but all of you, who are against me,

Know your limits.

All you enemies should know your limits,

All of you who are against me, know your limits,

All you enemies should know your limits…..


..if one is hard working then people start talking bad about you,

Once you make money, they want to work against you,

They even make sure that they do wrong to you, in order to foil your work,

So that when you are badly off they start laughing at you.

They are saying prayers that I fail to sell my music,

Once upon a time they even made a name because of my singing.

I weasel, I have my own ways,

I do not despise people at all.

I only play ragga music,

There are many who don’t like me,

I even don’t have peace of mind,

They are like the TITANIC sheep.

But, I am a harder person, made of mettle and rocks.

That is how the world is.

Goodlyfe is like that .



……I am as thin as a reed,

Your ill words against me cause that ,

They are like the thorns placed in my doorsteps,

Everything that befalls me they cheer in glee,

I woke up earlier to make money,

But am now the topics of all your conversations,

I survived the hard times, but now they are waiting for me at the end of the bridge,

I Radio, that is my way, I never quarrel with anyone.

I never have a grudge against anyone,

My voice is for my supporters,

That is what the world expects of me,

Goodlyfe needs that of us,


According to Thomas, Abateesi means: “those who are against everything you do.” Wonder what that means? I welcome Ugandan readers comments on the meaning of the song which was posted in April.