Calvary Chapel Olympia to Update Congregation on Gospel for Asia; Preliminary Survey Results Show Calvary Chapels Dropping GFA Support

According to the CC Olympia website, this morning the church plans to host a Gospel for Asia update meeting.
Calvary Chapel watchers tell me that CC Olympia is the home church of Pat Emerick, Director of GFA-Canada and ordained Believers’ Church priest.
My survey of Calvary Chapel pastors and attenders has not generated enough participants to allow certainty about trends among CCs. I hope to get more pastors to participate in the coming week. For now, out of 21 CC pastors who have taken the survey, one has no plans to drop support, one is reconsidering support, while seven have dropped support recently over matters of financial integrity and staff relations. Two CCs stopped supporting before the scandal broke but over similar concerns and ten never supported GFA ever.
Click this link to take the survey.
Readers who attend CCO, let me know how the meeting goes.