Better for America Nominates Evan McMullin in AR; Ceases National Recruitment Efforts

I had hopes Better for America would be able to recruit a candidate to mount a serious conservative third party challenge. It didn’t happen. This came on August 23. I have since learned that BFA had ballot access in AR, NM and that Evan McMullin will appear on the AR ballot thanks to being nominated by BFA. McMullin is now on the ballot in AR, CO, IA, ID, LA, MN and UT.

To Our Dear Supporters and Volunteers,
This movement was for you, and created by the many ways you came alongside us in the fight to demand more from our presidential candidates in 2016.
Better For America was launched against the backdrop of deeply divisive campaigns of the two most unpopular presidential candidates in modern history, and the widespread dissatisfaction of the American electorate. The mission of BFA was to keep the electoral window open through the summer, and allow a leader to emerge to restore honor, integrity, and unifying and principled leadership.
To advance that objective, BFA conducted extensive conversations with dozens of current or former senators, governors, congressmen, Cabinet members, and military leaders, as well as establishing a foundation for ballot access across the country.
While polling continues to show that the electorate is dissatisfied with both candidates, and believes the country to be on the wrong track, the opportunity for BFA to influence this election cycle has diminished over the summer months, and BFA has therefore ended its candidate recruitment and ballot access efforts.
BFA continues to believe in the potential for leaders to emerge and address the ongoing political crisis, and will continue to pursue constitutional litigation to pave a path to ballot access. Further, in states in which Better For America has established ballot access, it will follow its nomination process.
Better For America was launched with two convictions. First, that our country needs and deserves better than the current leadership alternatives, and second, that it is always valuable to promote integrity, honor, and principles, no matter what the social and political headwinds, or the costs incurred. We believed that if we promoted these ideas in public and private discourse, we could help catalyze a meaningful movement of financial and political leaders responding to the current crisis. While we are disappointed that we didn’t see the leadership response we anticipated, we are encouraged by the many Americans who supported us in our efforts. These great Americans will remain committed to restoring integrity, honor and principled leadership to our country, and Better For America remains committed to supporting them in these efforts.
With many thanks for your contributions and dedication to the United States, John Kingston, III
Founder and Chair, Better For America

Evangelical Trump Supporters: Why Do You Trust Trump When He Breaks His Promises?

During the primary season, Donald Trump told the press he would release his tax returns when his IRS audit was complete. The IRS then said nothing prevented him from releasing them just as other presidential candidates have done for decades.
Now Trump through his spokesman Paul Manafort has again said he will not release them. This statement comes in light of allegations that Trump has a financial connection to Russian power brokers.
For me, this raises an important question for evangelicals who support Trump because he promised to name conservative Supreme Court justices. Why do you trust him? There is absolutely no basis for trust.
Releasing tax returns is something candidates have done for decades. It is not a novel act of transparency. Not releasing them is a significant red flag. This is especially true because he promised to do it. Now he says he won’t do one of the basic things presidential candidates do.
At some point, I hope evangelical supporters of Trump wake up and recognize that they are being played. The alternative is not to vote for Hillary Clinton. The alternative is to get behind a third party option. According to Better for America, a third party candidate will be announced at the end of July. Evangelicals should at least wait to see who is tapped to lead a third (or fourth or fifth I guess when one considers the Libertarians and Greens) party run.