Kansas City Shooter Among Majority on Vanguard News Network Who Called for Extermination of Jews

More information is coming out about the Vanguard News Network and Frazier Glenn Miller who is in custody in connection with three fatal shootings in Kansas City. ¬†On the Occidental Dissent blog (Brad Griffin’s white nationalist site aligned with the League of the South), Griffin links to a Vanguard News Network poll about the “extermination” of Jews. (Warning: this is extremely ugly and hateful material).
Glenn Miller, who identified himself by name on VNN but posted as “Rounder,” agreed with Alex Linder’s call to eradicate Jews but seems to stop short of saying that Linder called for such action.

However, Miller (as Rounder – see black oval) was among the majority of those who voted in favor of Linder’s views.

Linder in his own words: