Scott Lively: Anti-Homosexuality Bill is “step in the right direction”

I am behind on posting relevant news concerning the main characters in the Ugandan drama.

Here is an audio clip, you need to hear if you want to put Scott Lively’s opposition to the Ugandan bill in perspective.

Alan Colmes wondered how you could oppose the death penalty and call the bill “a step in the right direction.” About the show, Colmes wrote:

Scott Lively, one of three evangelicals who went to Uganda at in 2009 to preach against gays, says he doesn’t support Uganda’s bill that would punish homosexuality by life imprisonment or death.  Nevertheless, he said, on my radio show Monday night, it’s “a step in the right direction.”  He refused to say that gays should get jail time, but said it should be treated as a we treat those who smoke marijuana.  Yet, he refused to back off his “step in the right direction” comment.

So what would be the next step, Mr. Lively?