Two More Resignations at Mars Hill Ballard; Another Resignation Announced (UPDATED)

UPDATE (6/8): According to attenders, near the end of the service at Mars Hill Ballard, the firing of Phil Smidt was announced along with the resignations of Aaron Mead, Zach Bolen, and Matt Repucci. Repucci’s resignation had not been previously reported.
Recently Pastor Phil Smidt was fired by Mars Hill Ballard lead pastor Scott Harris. That action set off a wave of support for Smidt from former and current Mars Hill members. Now, in the aftermath of Smidt’s dismissal, two resignations have become public. Ballard non-staff (meaning they were volunteers) elder candidate Tim Klassen and volunteer elder Pastor Aaron Mead have now resigned. My sources tell me that other resignations are coming.
Neither Klassen nor Mead have issued comments. However, another Mars Hill elder speaking on condition of anonymity said, “What is going on at Mars Hill Ballard is wrong. Phil was forced out because the EE [Executive Elders] are not tolerating anymore dissent or questions.” Another elder commented, “I’m really afraid Scott [lead pastor Scott Harris] has become a mini EE [Executive Elder] and instead of trying to work things out with elders who have legitimate concerns, he’s simply going the abusive route and getting rid of them. The people of Ballard deserve better from their pastor who Heb 13:17 calls to ‘care for their souls’.”
These resignation come amid other staff changes at Mars Hill. Within the past year Ballard pastors Nate Burke and Mike Wilkerson resigned. Also at Ballard, volunteer elder Jon Krombein and staff deacon in charge of worship Chad Gardner have resigned. Dalton Roraback was forced out of his position as mentor of community group leaders for questioning the executive elder salaries and other matters. Then, Phil Poirier at Mars Hill Everett declined to sign the non-compete clause in his annual review and was dismissed from his non-staff elder position.