Rick Warren’s AIDS conference dust up

The last several days, a fuss has erupted about an AIDS conference at Rick Warren’s (Purpose Driven Life) Saddleback church hosting an AIDS conference. Pro-life groups are upset that Barack Obama is speaking (he favors partial-birth abortion) and the new AIDS Truth Coalition wants more time at the conference on gay promiscuity. Saddleback has responded … Continue reading “Rick Warren’s AIDS conference dust up”

Invisible Children Documentary

I interrupt the normally scheduled blog to bring you this important public service announcement. Everybody reading this, please go to www.invisiblechildren.com. I saw the documentary this morning in church and I was blown away. The documentary is a call to action for the West to help the children of Sudan and Uganda. I think we … Continue reading “Invisible Children Documentary”

More on the 60 Minutes Gay or Straight Segment

During the segment, Leslie Stahl asked Michael Bailey’s views of how gay and straight men compare. “… Straight men are more interested than straight women in having casual, uncommitted sex. Gay men are like that, too,” says Bailey. “One has the impression that gay men are much more inclined toward casual sex than straight men,” … Continue reading “More on the 60 Minutes Gay or Straight Segment”