Rick Warren’s AIDS conference dust up

The last several days, a fuss has erupted about an AIDS conference at Rick Warren’s (Purpose Driven Life) Saddleback church hosting an AIDS conference. Pro-life groups are upset that Barack Obama is speaking (he favors partial-birth abortion) and the new AIDS Truth Coalition wants more time at the conference on gay promiscuity. Saddleback has responded and the conference goes on.

Given our discussion of gay culture, is there something to the idea that gay leaders should be more vocal about promiscuity? That sounds provocative but I mean it to be a serious question. Feel free to comment on any aspect of this controversy.

Dr. Anonymous is Miriam Grossman, MD of UCLA

The author of the book Unprotected allowed her identity to be revealed on the Dr. Laura show yesterday. She is Miriam Grossman, M.D., a campus psychiatrist at UCLA. She told me in an interview in preparation for the article I wrote about the book that she was initially quite afraid of reprisals. She has now changed her mind.