PATH Member PFOX Files Amicus Brief in the Prop 8 Case

Citing the “change is possible” mantra, PFOX has filed an amicus brief in the Prop 8 case arguing against marriage rights for gays. This is not surprising but I have some observations about their strategy.
In this brief, PFOX continues its odd logic of considering ex-gays to be a protected class while at the same time hoping to remove/prevent protected class status for gays. On page 4, the brief asserts:

Government authorities and other organizations recognize ex-gays as a group which undermines the assertion that sexual orientation is immutable.

The brief continues to cite dubious cases where PFOX claims that ex-gays are recognized as a protected class.
I have never understood why PFOX thinks this strategy helps them. Even if PFOX is correct about their interpretation of those cases, all of the organizations involved also recognize gays as a class. Furthermore, if ex-gays can be recognized as a protected class while they have a changeable sexual orientation, then the issue of mutability of sexual orientation is irrelevant. Taken to logical conclusion, this argument supports equal protection under the law for gays. Since ex-gays already have the right to marry, why shouldn’t gays?
Then, on page 6, PFOX unveils the list of sexual reorientation groups and includes Richard Cohen’s testimony. This makes it clear that the reparative therapists who say they just want to be able to work with unwanted SSA have taken their stand that they are about more than just a therapeutic approach.

The Rage Therapy

I have been wanting to put up a clip of Divided Memories for a long time. I use this documentary in nearly all of my classes as a cautionary tale about psychotherapy that loses sight of the professional relationship and common sense. In prior discussions of various reorientation methods, I have cautioned against the use of highly emotive techniques and here is a brief clip of descriptions of what was called by Genesis Associates: rage therapy.

Exodus International dropping membership in PATH

I was notified of this information by email today and reproduce it with permission.

Dear PATH Board of Directors,

As of today, April 3, 2007, Exodus International is relinquishing its membership with the PATH Coalition. Please remove all of our information from the PATH website upon receipt of this email.

Sincerely, Alan Chambers

President, Exodus International

PATH stands for Positive Alternatives to Homosexuality

UPDATE: 4/13/07 – Dave Pruden, executive director of Evergreen International told me today by phone that EI is also dropping PATH membership.