Ted Haggard says sexuality labels "just don't work"

Ted Haggard could have been in my study last summer. Over 190 same-sex attracted men who are heterosexually married took my survey to describe their sexuality. Many of them said the same thing – that labels didn’t fully capture their experience. Haggard told the Denver Post that labels don’t work. Read the rest at the link. … Continue reading “Ted Haggard says sexuality labels "just don't work"”

Ted Haggard still struggles with his sexuality

Of course he does. This story is all over but I wanted to get us talking about it as well. Here is the AP video of the story. I hope to find a way to see the documentary without getting HBO. What Mr. Haggard is doing by striving to maintain his marriage vows is an … Continue reading “Ted Haggard still struggles with his sexuality”

Ted Haggard preaches personal sermon

This morning, ABC News is reporting that Ted Haggard preached a very personal sermon this past weekend about his fall from and back into grace. Haggard spoke in the morning and evening at Open Bible Fellowship, an independent, charismatic church in Morrison, IL. I have yet to listen to the sermons but the ABC News … Continue reading “Ted Haggard preaches personal sermon”

Ted Haggard’s team clarifies the situation

I missed this February 19, Denver Post article regarding clarifications in reports that Ted Haggard might see himself as being free of same-sex attractions. Frequent commenter gordo brought this to my attention on a previous post. This quote indicates a more process view than the earlier reports: “”There should be no confusion that deliverance from … Continue reading “Ted Haggard’s team clarifies the situation”