This is How You Lose an Election and Love Your Country – Hershel Walker Edition

Hershel Walker’s concession speech in his loss to Raphael Warnock for the GA Senate seat.

Donald Trump and Doug Mastriano could learn something from Hershel Walker. This is the best thing I have heard from Walker. This is how you love your country.

“I want you to believe in America, and continue to believe in the Constitution, and I especially want you to believe in our elected officials and pray for them.”


9 thoughts on “This is How You Lose an Election and Love Your Country – Hershel Walker Edition”

  1. that’s the only sensible thing I heard Herschel Walker say for the entire election season. That makes him more gracious than a lot of right-wingers who lost their Midterm elections. Good for him! Republicans, listen and learn how it ought to be done.

  2. Chris Rock said it best: “You don’t get credit for doing what you’re supposed to do.”

    So I’m not amazed that he met the standard of “bare minimum”.

    What is far more depressing is that he was put forward as a candidate at all. It was an insult to every citizen.

  3. This one complete, concise sentence changed my opinion of him. I’m not sure one such sentence could ever change my opinion of Trump.

  4. Seeing that speech I can see why the race was as close as it was.

    I’d say Trump could learn lessons in graciousness and humility from Walker, but I doubt anyone could teach Trump those lessons.

    1. Honestly this is a ridiculously low bar. What Walker did used to be the norm. Now it’s a big deal that he…conceded an election he clearly lost. What a world we live in.

    1. One classy action does not a classy person make. Classy he is not, although his concession speech elevated my opinion of him by a bit.

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