Greatest Hits: Should Christians Be Nationalists? Julie Roys Radio Show 2017

My schedule these days is keeping me from blogging much so I thought I would bring up some of past material which is relevant to now. One of my earliest meetings with Julie Roy was in 2017 when she hosted a radio show with Moody. This program related to Christian nationalism.


At noon (ET) tomorrow, I will be on the Moody Radio Network program “Up for Debate with Julie Roy” to discuss the question, “Should Christians Be Nationalists?”

The guest taking a contrasting position will be Ken Klulowski who is the Legal Editor at Breitbart News and Senior Counsel & Director of Strategic Affairs at the First Liberty Institute.

I originally wanted to debate whether or not America is a Christian nation.
You can listen online here: (updated link).

As background, see these posts on the subject (herehere, and here)

UPDATE: (7/1/17)
The show went well I think in that both sides had the ability to make important points. I do want to correct or least amend a couple of Ken Klukowski’s claims.

On one occasion he said he didn’t recognize James Madison from my quote of Madison and then said Madision’s views could be discerned by his vote for chaplains in Congress. He also said most of the founders had seminary degrees.

One. my Madison quote is sound and two, Klukowski did not tell the rest of the story on Madison. Later, Madison forcefully disagreed with the funding of chaplains and said so here.

On the founders and seminary degrees, this is a distortion made famous by David Barton. See this piece about that misleading claim.

5 thoughts on “Greatest Hits: Should Christians Be Nationalists? Julie Roys Radio Show 2017”

  1. I found it interesting that at the end of the show Julie Roys said “sometimes I wonder if we believe in the church or if we believe in politics”. I don’t believe or have faith in either of them, both thier histories should be enough to convince anyone that you can’t trust them. Maybe put your belief and Trust in the God of the bible and his Son would be a better decision. Perhaps a show about which of those 3 people can trust would be more productive.

      1. Be nice if they did this though. A Christianity that built it’s culture around caring for the poor and downtrodden, that took the story of the rich man and the eye of a needle seriously as part of its tax system, one that was designed to reward good Samaritans and where the ultra-orthodox were routinely undermined. I’d be in favor of Christianity as practiced by Jesus being a foundation of a society.

        But nobody wants that, so instead we get people pulling out of context verses to justify oppression in the name of God.

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