Matt Walsh Owns Himself

Isn’t this what is called a self-own?

Well, Matt, who will decide who is competent and informed? Judging by your tweets, I don’t think you are informed so, sorry, no vote for you.

Conservative gadfly Walsh is accused of racism because his suggestion has been used before for racist intent. Literacy and competency tests were used beginning after the Civil War to exclude blacks from voting. Whites judged the answers to ridiculous questions (see some examples here) with the transparent purpose to keep blacks from voting. Walsh deserves all the ridicule he gets.


9 thoughts on “Matt Walsh Owns Himself”

  1. Is “competency test” the latest version of Dixiecrat “Literacy Tests” for voting?

  2. this is my favorite response (so far) to Walsh’s comment:

    If you dont like
    uneducated people voting the correct response is to properly fund public
    education— Trillen ? (@OW_Trillen) March
    26, 2021

  3. Maybe the first step to implement Walsh’s idea is to point out that anybody who believes the ridiculous lies Trump and others were pushing about massive fraud in the recent election is obviously incompetent, and therefore should not be allowed to vote. Or hold public office.

    1. Indeed! Aside from Trump himself, the ones who have been the most persistent and pernicious bullhorns for the Big Lie — who are now being sued by the companies they’ve slandered — are presenting as their defense in court the admission that no reasonable person would believe their claims. It couldn’t be clearer: under Walsh’s proposal. even Trump campaigners are making the case that anyone believing Trump won the election should be barred from voting.

  4. If Republican leaders and legislators in Georgia believe that a prohibition against members of the public handing out snacks and water to voters standing in long lines will help instill confidence in elections, then it’s safe to say that they’re the ones who are too stupid and unfit to vote.

    A complaint by a coalition of civil rights activists has been filed in federal court.

  5. Maybe Matt should 1st try applying his “competency test” to presidential nominees. We’ve all just seen how an incompetent president is far worse than in incompetent voter.

  6. Ah yes, the “conservative” misogynist. He does occasionally say the quiet part out loud.

    1. He’s not bright enough to figure out which part is the “quiet part.” Automatic disqualification for him!

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