Trump Supporters Reject Antifa Theory and Take Credit for Capitol Invasion

Some Trump supporters are floating the theory that antifa sympathizers infiltrated their ranks and are responsible for the invasion of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Not only has an initial claim by the Washington Times been retracted, a major problem with this theory is that Trump supporters who were leading the charge — they call themselves “patriots” — deny it. They take credit for the action and threaten that there will be more such actions in the future.

Below are clips of Trump supporters debunking the narrative that antifa did the dirty work on Wednesday. I have also provided a link to a full video of the insurrection as filmed by one of the instigators.

DeAnna Lorraine and her colleague Brandon say in clear language that their Trump supporting group and thousands of their closest friends perpetrated the breach of the Capitol. “Antifa was nowhere to be found…” said Brandon.

The full video of DeAnna Lorraine is here at this tweet and I link to the full 88 minute video (to get a sense of what happened, I recommend watching all of it) here.

These Trump supporters appear to be planning more action like this. A complete review of just these two sources includes threats of additional aggression.

Today, Trump is out with a tweet undoing much of what he said yesterday about a peaceful transition of power.

Trump’s “patriots” who broke into the Capitol Wednesday will certainly take no criticism or disapproval from this.

In any case, the narrative of antifa (see other evidence here) being involved or responsible cannot stand up to scrutiny.

45 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Reject Antifa Theory and Take Credit for Capitol Invasion”

  1. Well, we all knew that the antifa thing was as believable as the claim that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. No sane American believed that rubbish either …

    Which brings us to those who will taking over the reins from the remains of Trump: they need to ensure that they do not come up with any disastrous conspiracy theories of their own.

      1. I’m afraid I was being a little ironic.

        Trumpish suspicions of political elites is not entirely unfounded, and those coming into power later this month really do need to work hard to win people’s trust. If they succeed, a significant portion of Trump’s base might be won over in the course of the next few years.

  2. Apparently the latest “defense” some of these idiots have come up with is the claim they were “amateur journalists” just recording what was happening. At least a former (he just resigned over this mess) WV state rep. is trying that argument. I don’t think it is going to work.

  3. If Trump supporters want credit for their invasion of the US Capitol Building, they’re welcome to it. The more they post the photos and selfies they took inside the building, the easier the FBI and other forms of law enforcement will be able to find and arrest them. The penalties for sedition are actually pretty stiff.

    1. Like I said above, Antifa understands the concept of “Operational Security”.
      These guys DON’T.

      1. Insofar as “Antifa” exists as an entity, I agree with you. Groups get together and plan, so that nobody gets hurt if they can help it.

        1. Yes, Antifa is really a brand, with various groups taking on the ‘franchise’, I think.

  4. Insurrection for Idiots.
    Actually taking credit just paints a big drone missile target on your forehead.

    1. It’s a bit more complex than that, I think. Trump, possibility under pressure from the likes of Pence and McConnell (Mary Trump, Donald’s niece seems to think so), disowned these people on Thursday, and it might be that they are reminding him (Trump) what they did for him on Wednesday. Could be interesting how this aspect of the whole affair plays out …

  5. From what I have seen, Trump fans are trying to have it both ways, claiming Antifa infiltrators are responsible for the violence and vandalism while boasting of their “peaceful” and “justifiable” occupation of the Capitol building.

  6. They neither understand what communism is (dead in this country) or what Antifa is (a reactive bunch who respond to Trumpist/Fascistic violence).

    These people live in a libertarian, sociopathic fantasy. They know nothing of the actual Constitution, they know nothing of how our government works. Hell, they know nothing of reality. They are insane.

    1. I don’t know if insanity can excuse their behavior. I would rather say they are acting insane. I have empathy for those with true mental illness šŸ™‚

    2. I don’t know if insanity can excuse their behavior. I would rather say they are acting insane. I have empathy for those with true mental illness šŸ™‚

    3. Do these people really believe their own lies, or are they monumentally cynical? It’s a question I have great difficulty answering; perhaps ‘it’s a bit of both’.

      1. No, I think they believe all this nonsense.

        Critical thinking is not one of their strengths.

        1. Those at the top probably know full well that the conspiracy theories etc are all a load of nonsense but find them useful politically. Except perhaps Trump who might well believe them, or at least some of them.

          1. Sure, those at the top know that true believers are easily manipulated. True believers make for useful tools.

            Trump only believes in one thing.

          2. Ted Cruz is probably the best example of an utterly cynical politician seeking to win over the Trump base for his 2024 presidential bid. He 100% knows there’s no evidence of widespread election fraud, but he’s willing to put the very foundation of American democracy at risk in order to further his own political future.

          3. Trump’s been living in a bubble formed from his narcissism and the sycophants who continue to feed it. He believes in anything that feeds his own ego, including the belief that he could not possibly have lost the election.

          4. QAnon is NOT a conspiracy theory.
            It is NOT a conspiracy fantasy.
            QAnon is a New Religious Movement.

      2. I don’t know… I’m coming to think it’s all of the above, in different measures for different people… I have a family member, deeply ensnared in the charismatic kooky prophesy wing of trumpism… who was even there, in person (but outside building) who is crying “antifa”. My suspicion is that because of who they listen to and the trumpy people they’ve surrounded themselves with – that they had no clue about the other far more extreme/hooligan elements of trumpism… the qanon, the constant online violent rhetoric, the macho man gangs and neo-nazis etc that have been attached to this movement since 2015…

        But maybe they did know of that and chose to ignore it. I’m still trying to figure it out, but what I continue to get from trumpist family/friends is that ” ‘our’ trumpism isn’t that, so therefore it had to be some outside conspiracy trying to frame us…” But this doesn’t quite add up because one of those same family members has on numerous occasions also trafficked in violent rhetoric… they’re a very confused bunch – kind of pathetic and also dishonest… because they all have, in ways less or more belligerent, spewed anti-gov/anti-elected officials rhetoric, but then when their movement actually does something in line with that kind of talking, feeling, emotions – they want to disown it? They’ve become more and more like their dear leader… trying to have conflicting values work together (brute force but also respectability, truth but also lies, law&order but also ‘do as we please’…) but losing both…

        1. One does get the impression that there are many relatively ‘innocent’ Trumpists who are not very bright and very very confused.

          I like the way you have pointed the inherent contradictions in Trumpism, e.g. the movement supposedly embracing ‘law and order’ is flaunting its skills at rioting and vandalism.

  7. It’s more than a little appalling to see revisionist history being done in real time (including senators bringing the seeds to germination mere moments after the capital is secured).

    That’s said, I am more than a little amused at the mental contradictions we are even now witnessing as written above. This is the culmination of endless propaganda, self-deception. self-preservation, aggrandizement, jingoism and assumed privilege.

    It’s an unstable mix. One the hopefully causes its own destruction.

    Let’s just pray that it goes out as a whimper instead of a bang.

    1. oceania has always been at peace with eurasia.

      doublethink, comrade, doublethink.

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