Trumpist Protesters Assault the Capitol: Sane Responses

I have never been so glad to be Never Trump as today.

Trump protesters stormed the Capitol today disrupting the Electoral College count. I am writing this as the protest is going on so it is unclear how many injuries there will be. The protesters actually invaded the House chamber with no intervention from the National Guard. Apparently, our legislative branch is vulnerable to a mob.

In my opinion, Donald Trump incited the riot with his rhetoric leading up to the protest and by his speech this morning. His tweets of we won’t stand for the election to be stolen and similar themes have incited his followers to believe his lies and debunked theories. Now, his followers have crossed a bright red line and engaged in violent action.

Trump supporters who have gone along with the conspiracy theories about voter fraud and voting machine switching tactics need to own their rhetoric. Below, I have copied some reaction from those who say what I am thinking.

173 thoughts on “Trumpist Protesters Assault the Capitol: Sane Responses”

  1. Can we talk about Eric Metaxas? He has completely lost his marbles. For the record, the insurrectionists and the people who incited them, have stepped on my last nerve. This includes my Congressman, Andy Biggs, and “pastor”/false prophet Eric Jones of Evident Life Church in Gilbert. I’ve been picketing the latter’s outfit since the Sunday after Thanksgiving. He still refuses to accept the election.

    1. It’s interesting that he says these things after Trump agreed to the transition of power. I can only guess what he means by wanting to save our Republic, maybe, it’s not connected to Trump, at all.

        1. So, what are you implying, that all conservative Christians who voted for Trump are insurrectionists who want to overthrow the Biden administration and install Trump in power? Are you feeling so threatened by us, so you, your guru Throckmorton, and your beloved Democratic brood of vipers leaders Pelosi, Cori Bush, Harris, Schumer, AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc. that you want to bring us up on fraudulent charges and lock us up? Come, on, be honest about your agenda. Well, you can succeed in your wicked deeds, you wolves in sheep’s clothing, but eventually God will come to our rescue because we are serving him, and since you’re serving Satan, you will torment forever in Hell, unless you repent.

          1. Hit a nerve, did I? You can keep your wishful thinking and superstitions for I have no interest in them, but your diatribe is the perfect example of how ugly right-wing Christian fundamentalism is, so thanks for that.

            I read Metaxas’ Twitter feed a couple of days ago. It’s clear it’s all about Trump with him (and has been for some time). You just don’t want to see it.

            I know how patient the others have been on this thread with you, coaxing you toward some semblance of reason and sanity, but clearly it’s not working, and isn’t likely to work either, by the looks of it.

          2. Look, it’s fine to consider adherence to the Bible as ugly and it’s fine to vote for whichever party you want, but there is no need to spread misinformation about us ‘losers’ and using Trump as a tool to get is in trouble with the law for something we didn’t do. The election is over, so I am begging you all in the name of everything that is decent, please, stop this ‘domestic terrorism’ nonsense directed at us, save it for the real bastards who committed those heinous crimes because we are not connected with them in any shape or form. Find meaningful ways to celebrate your victory, instead. Doing otherwise, will only divide our country and our society even further. We got more serious problems than Trump thing: the coronavirus is spiraling out of control and our economy is worsening every day, just focus on that and leave us alone.

          3. Oh, but you ARE connected to them. In your devotion to Trump. In your incessant excuses for the mismanagement by Trump, and the misinformation campaign (which you yourself have been a part of) that lead to the rioting in DC.

          4. The devotion to Trump is moot, but as far as them, I hope and pray that Rudy Giuliani, a mayor of my hometown and a professional attorney will get this thing settled out, if our justice system is still uncorrupted. Besides, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham are on our side.

          5. It is becoming clear that you can’t be serious, or at the very least can’t be taken seriously. This stuff you are saying seems designed to make mischief, not engage in reasonable discussion. No one on either ideological side of the spectrum could make that last comment about Rudy Giuliani with a straight face. I think you are a fake.

          6. Or just delusional, like many of Trumps supporters.

            But I suspect you are right, TV has just moved to full on troll mode.

          7. Well, Giuliani is going to defend Trump on the upcoming impeachment trial, brought by Pelosi and co. McConnell and Graham are going to do their part on behalf of the Senate to make sure that not only the impeachment process does not proceed (it is a baseless conspiracy theory perpetrated by dishonest socialism loving Democrats) , but also that all those congresspeople who objected the certification, like Cruz, Gaetz, Hawley, Hawthorn will keep their jobs until the next reelection. That will be a victory for us.

          8. Or he is deluded / brainwashed (never underestimate the power of Trump-style propaganda on the weak and suggestible!). I doubt Trump will be impeached (Pence and McConnell are absolutely furious with him, but they are also afraid of the Trump base), but many Americans will not forget what happened last Wednesday in a hurry.

          9. I agree impeachment is the wrong step right now. By the time it is done, Trump will already be out of office (or only have a day or so left). it will just further divide the country.

            On the other hand, Trump is still causing trouble. Ex. he just antagonized china by changing US policy towards Taiwan. Basically, leaving another mess for Biden to have to clean up.

          10. Impeachment takes time, so would not stop some trouble being caused. Trump can’t do anything huge, as the military top brass know their stuff … (Remember the 2 June memorandum?!)

          11. “Huge” doesn’t just mean starting a war. Trump can cause a lot of foreign policy problems for Biden, by making promises that will make Biden look bad if he doesn’t fulfill them. Ex. what he just did with Taiwan. Now Biden is in the situation that he either has to support Trump’s policy and upset relations with china or roll them back and make it look like he is abandoning taiwan.

            And there are a lot of other countries where Trump can cause such problems.

          12. Indeed – though fortunately most Americans are, I strongly suspect, probably rather more concerned with getting out of the current mess re. COVID-19.

            It is perhaps a testament to the ‘lame duck’ nature of Trump that the ‘best’ he could come up with was last Wednesday’s riot. And Trumpists are generally not interested in things like the finer points of China vs. Taiwan. GOP leaders are probably quite confused and worried right now – they are in a bit of a quandary, to put it mildly.

            We should be worried about the current political mess in the United States, but we shouldn’t show fear. Best now to accentuate Trump’s flaws and weaknesses than risk overstating his remaining strength, in my opinion.

            Impeachment would not get rid of Trump this week and Pence won’t ‘play ball’ on the 25th (although I still wonder if Pence threatened Trump with it in order to get that “orderly transition” speech last Thursday). Perhaps the best use of Trump would be to ‘manage’ him into saying some more useful things before he leaves office. I reckon there’s plenty of scope for that, given the guy’s past (and future – remembering that there are private citizens waiting to pounce once he loses his legal immunity).

          13. Actually, Biden likely has more influence on getting Trump to behave now than Pence. Despite what Trump thinks it is unlikely he can “pardon himself”, which means Biden is the only one who could pardon Trump if he is charged with “inciting a riot” or worse “inciting an insurrection” (which would be Treason).

          14. I agree, though it might be better if Pence could be drawn in in some way.

            Of course, any ‘deal’ with Trump would have to rule out his even seeking public office again.

            But most important is the psychology: I believe that many Trumpists long for a kind of Bid Daddy figure. If Big Daddy is made to look weak, he becomes less attractive to them.

          15. Well, if he is convicted of inciting an insurrection, that would also preclude him from seeking office again.

            I think that would be a better alternative than trying to impeach him.

          16. Yes, leave it to FBI and the courts, and get him to produce something for mitigation in the meantime …

          17. Yes, leave it to the FBI and the courts, and get him to produce something for mitigation in the meantime …

          18. Well, if he is convicted of inciting an insurrection, that would also preclude him from seeking office again.

            I think that would be a better alternative than trying to impeach him.

          19. Or just delusional, like many of Trumps supporters.

            But I suspect you are right, TV has just moved to full on troll mode.

          20. I am singularly impressed with your newfound penchant for unity in our nation. I could have sworn that you just told a fellow commenter here that they were serving Satan and will be tormented in hell forever.

  2. “I have never been so glad to be Never Trump”

    Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed to be a US Citizen.

  3. A number of Trump supporters who were there to hear his speech describe Trump’s mood and speech as depressing, as if he were giving up. I would imagine hearing that Pence would not do as Trump wished, along with that sense that all other pathways to a second Trump term were lost, that what started as a peaceful protests could soon turn into a violent mob.

    Though if you’re a true Q-file then the conspiracy’s promoters are saying that in the next 2 weeks Trump would release all sorts of information (supposedly about the misdeeds of Democrats) and that the military would restore Trump as der Fuhrer.

  4. Let’s make Donald Trump unique in the history of presidents of the United States: Impeach him again. Of course, he really needs to be removed from office RIGHT NOW–but that’s unlikely to happen, if only because it would take time to organize. We could make him uniquely infamous, though, if he were to be the only president impeached twice.

    1. The 25th Amendment route could get him ‘suspended’ from office very quickly provided Pence – who would gain some fame of his own through a short spell as Acting President – allows the process to begin, maybe citing Trump’s mental health (Trump has now apparently condemned the riot, suggesting that his mind is ‘all over the place’)?

      I gather also Trump is again talking about pardoning himself, indicating that he knows full well that he has been a very very naughty boy …

    1. My congressman, Andy Biggs, voted to not accept Arizona’s certificates, essentially disenfranchising us voters. Including all the people who put him back in office. He is such a hypocrite. He thinks the election in Arizona was a frsud, but he took his seat in Congress based on that same election.

  5. Maybe now the republicans will stop playing their damned games with the process and get the count done quickly, like they should have in the 1st place.

    1. They first have to admit there is a difference between “protest” and insurrection and sedition, and CARE about that difference.

  6. Been checking all the flags waving amid the footage.
    Besides the usual American & Trump flags, a good number of both 13-star flags and Gadsen flags (Don’t Tread on Me), a couple Confederate battlejacks and blue-striped American flags, one Pine Tree flag, one Bennington flag, one National Rifle Association flag, one Three Percenter flag, one Christian flag (in the footage of entering the Senate(?) chamber), one JESUS fish flag, one JESUS in 2020 flag, and one JESUS SAVES sign.

    And the barechested guy with all the tats, painted face, and that Conan the Barbarian horned helmet.

    1. The Conan the Barbarian type is actually called “The Q Shaman” and is apparently an institution at such events.

      1. That toxic human is from my home state (AZ). His name (supposedly) is Jake Angeli, and he protests down at the State Capitol on a regular basis. He admits that he dresses the way he does in order to attract attention from people, so he can then share his beliefs with them. Name a conspiracy theory, and this guy probably believes it, from Qanon to the Illuminati to the Bilderberg group.

        1. I suspect Angeli is going to be regretting how recognizable he made himself. Just from that on pic in the link you gave he is committing 2 crimes. 1) failing to wear a mask 2) bringing a weapon into the Capitol building.

          I suspect right now the FBI and Capitol police are out to make examples of people and he has volunteered to be one.

          1. When you’re going to a riot, (1) don’t wear anything distinctive or easily identifiable; (2) keep your face hidden; and (3) don’t snap a lot of Selfies (including posing with your loot) and upload them to Social Media.

            And there’s another on-camera rioter who’s well known in social media circles. “Biggo”, the guy who broke into Pelosi’s office, swiped an envelope or letterhead as a souvenir, and left a quarter on the desk with a note saying “BIGGO WAS HERE, BITCH!”

          2. P.S. “BIGGO GOT BUSTED, BITCH!”
            Busted back in his native Arkansas, where he was giving interviews to local media.

            We know his real name, we know where he’s from, we know what he did.
            How to we know this?

        2. Name a conspiracy theory, and this guy probably believes it, from Qanon to the Illuminati to the Bilderberg group.

          Including the cannibal shapeshifting alien lizards from either the Constellation Draco or the Hollow Earth?


          “My apartment was broken into last night. Everything I own was stolen and replace by an Exact Duplicate.”?

  7. This is not just on Trump: It’s on Graham and Hawley and Paul and McConnell and Gaetz and Jordan and every other Republican who aided and abetted this attempted destruction of the republic. They supported a sociopathic narcissist who cares nothing for anyone else. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knew what this impostor was. A thief and a crook.

    No Republican one can plausibly claim surprise at what happened today. There are no excuses.

    1. Today’s failed coup attempt by White-Nationalist Domestic Terrorists is on Republicans They own this. Today’s events are the rotten fruit of White-Nationalist Evangelicals who enabled Trump all along.

  8. What has happened here is horrible and profoundly embarrassing to so many Americans, whatever their party affiliation. However, it has performed what is arguably a necessary task: the definitive unmasking of the true nature of ‘Trumpreich’. Trump and his puppets are shamelessly resorting to intimidation because they didn’t get what they wanted. Like the Nazis.

    1. People on both sides are like that, remember the Antifa and its types doing all the looting, and how Biden and Harris were claiming that it was inspired by racism in America?

      1. Oh please. That you would call Antifa “looters” only shows how thoroughly uninformed you are.

        1. Oh, airlines reported a huge upsurge in passenger flights to DC.
          Looks like it’s not just Antifa who flies first-class across the country to sack cities.

      2. Only Trumpists have chosen to storm Congress (apart from the British, of course!). Maybe Treason-Trump is a closet Brit?

  9. So, Trump publicly told these people to go home after we (meaning he) heard them and don’t do anything violent, even though he believes in the “fraud” thing. If he indeed incited the protests, I don’t know if it can be called riots because so far nothing to my knowledge was destroyed, then he is definitely doubling down on those protesters.

      1. You need to stop making accusations that Trump incited the riots. The woman was killed by the Capitol police, we don’t know if she tried to do any violent or she was walking peacefully and got caught in the crossfire. It’s not Trump’s fault. Anyway, it’s nothing compared to what these leftist looters and Democratic supporters have been doing for months, but your support for Democrats clearly shows that you are a hypocrite, so woe to you.

        1. It isn’t an “accusation” it is a FACT that Trump incited this mess with his lies about a “stolen election” and his repeated, misguided, impotent attempts to thwart the electoral process and orderly transition of power.

          1. What gets me is how behavior that adults would call infantile and deluded is now the Trumpian coin of the realm.

            There is not, nor has there ever been, the slightest bit of credible evidence of any substantive problems with the 2020 election. Zero, zip, bupkis, nada, not a frickin’ thing. All there is are Trump’s wild allegations (fact-free!) and the attendant embellishments of his more fervid janissaries (see, e.g., Powell, Sidney), absolutely none of which comport with objective, or even prejudiced, reality.

            What we are witnessing is not benighted enthusiasm. It’s mass hysteria.

          2. It is, unfortunately, mass hysteria whipped up and spread by the President of the United States, solely for his benefit. He needs to be removed from office, NOW.

        2. If you want to talk about other people’s (real or alleged) wrongdoing, then start your own blog. This post concerns Trump and his corrupting of US politics, the full implications of which are now plain for all (of both parties) to see.

          And may I remind you that one person’s wrongdoing cannot be excused by the wrongdoing (real or alleged) of others?

          Another point: if you are a Republican and you would actually like to win elections in the future, you must dump Trump. Today’s US Senate results have taught the GOP that. Trump was never a real conservative anyway: fiscal discipline doesn’t interest him and his personal life is an emblem of selfish hedonism.

          1. I am simply going by what I personally have seen in the news videos, and I did not see anybody even trying to destroy anything. All I saw people walking inside the Capitol building past the security at the front and that did not look like riots to me. Of course, there is still a lot of new information to come that it’s not available yet, and if I see it, I am willing to reconsider my conclusion if it proves otherwise.

          2. Thank you for this. So, there were riots, alongside peaceful protests. I can understand why the Capitol was put on lockdown, but I hope everything resumes to normal very soon. Still, there is no evidence that Trump organized this violent rebellion, according to this:

          3. Once again you play your word games. No one has said Trump “organized” the rioting. He INCITED it!

          4. Same thing, he didn’t incite it either. You are entitled to believe what you want, despite showing evidence to the contrary.

          5. Do you have an ounce of non-partisan morality left in you? You can be a Republican and still affirm that the obvious is true. Trump has been winding these people up for weeks with strong language, the kind that incites people to action – destructive action. There is no mystery here. Even his die-hard supporters in Congress have mostly done an about face because they see what you refuse to.

            Honestly, you can’t be taken seriously at this point.

          6. I’m sure Biden and Harris would love your conspiracy theory, perhaps it will help to solidify their power. You are in no position to question anybody’s morality simply based for who and what people vote for. I voted for individual liberties, for lower taxes, and for reduced military overseas engagement. I voted against political correctness and against socialized medicine. To me, it’s not about Trump.

          7. Are you actually claiming that he didn’t? If so, you have proven the last line of my previous comment in no uncertain terms. You can want those things and still use your moral compass to realize that the ends do not justify the means.

          8. Look, at this point, I don’t believe that Trump incited those violent riots. There are so many different theories about who those thugs were. According to Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, they were members of Antifa masquerading as Trump supporters:

            I would love for truth to be found out but I am afraid that the whole truth would never be exposed. Just like the truth about Nov. 3 elections.

            It’s possible that Trump will eventually change his mind and concede the elections to Biden. Just like 20 years ago, Al Gore used to believe that George Bush, Jr. might have committed a fraud against him in Florida, but later changed his mind and conceded.

            Still, the lesson I learned that I couldn’t fully trust the American political system in the past and I can’t even have more trust in it, now, which makes me feel very sad.

          9. Fraud was not the issue in 2000, it was the razor thin margin (around 500 votes) and really wonky voting machines. There is no way to avoid a challenge with that sort of margin. This election wasn’t even close and it was one of the most scrutinized in history. It was more than fair and accurate.

          10. Yes, go around searching for what is staring you in the face as though it were lost or somehow vague. This is a Trump tactic, no? This was not a “false flag” or any other conspiratorial thing that never happens. To be taken seriously you need to at least acknowledge what is staring you in the face. This president incited these people to act and had to be pushed to do anything to quell it. Thankfully, a decent number of republicans have been shaken into reality by this fact. Snap out of it.

          11. Please, stop insinuating that people who don’t agree with your theory are indecent. I highly doubt that this way you can win your argument let alone gain any respect.

            As for 2000 elections, Gore used to think that votes in Florida were improperly counted due to wonky machines which could have led to fraudulent outcomes, also some members of the House thought that many Black voters didn’t have adequate access to the polls hence they raised objections to electoral vote count. Michael Moore even claimed that substantial amount of minority votes were either miscounted or discarded.

          12. You like to put words in other people’s mouths. Fraud did not drive the 2000 dispute. I don’t care what Michael Moore said, he is irrelevant. It’s 2021 and a very different situation.

          13. TV is in shock (which is why he is engaging in his verbal wriggling). He has finally realized the true nature of what he has been supporting these last few years. He, like many others, will come round in time …

          14. I am in shock and utter disbelief that there is no more freedom and democracy in the US, and that vast majority of politicians are so easily susceptible to the mob rule when they make their decisions. They don’t care about citizens.

          15. Actually, it seems seeing that mob of Trump supporters assaulting the Capitol caused a number of Republicans to come to their senses. It’s just a shame it took that much, but welcome back just the same.

          16. So why are you downplaying Trump’s role in this outrage? As president, he has a particular duty to uphold the constitutional order that is the basis of democratic politics in the United States. He has clearly failed in that duty by completely ignoring 60 court judgements / decisions and continuing to make totally unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud.

            You talk about freedom. Let us remind ourselves that a free society is one in which every member has the opportunity to realize their full potential for themselves and for the common good. Thus social justice and equality of opportunity are essential prerequisites of freedom. There needs to be more freedom in the United States (and elsewhere), and a good first step to achieving that would be an unremitting all-out assault on racism, which is one of freedom’s greatest and most dangerous enemies.

            Noone would disagree with you that some politicians are too inclined to behave in ways that are self-serving. One of the most effective antidotes to that is ever greater respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.

          17. Yes, I’m shocked at how many republicans were susceptible to Trump’s mobs as well. funny to hear someone like you admit that though.

          18. Initial polling suggest that registered Republicans are ‘split down the middle’ when it comes to yesterday’s criminal behaviour. It will interesting to see how this latest event affects Trump’s favourability ratings, which have remained fairly constant throughout his (soon-to-end – and that is now ‘official’ and utterly incontestable of course) presidency.

          19. TV, you never told me what you thought about Trump’s lame duck killing spree.

            Also, you said to me that you were also surprised by what happened on Wednesday. Here’s some commentary which suggests that we shouldn’t have been at all surprised.

            Interesting how some Trumpsters talk of destroying the REPUBLICAN Party (you will need to read the article to find references to this), with one even expressing a desire to see Pence murdered. Kind of reminds me of Stalin preferring the Nazis over the German Social Democrats at the start of the 1930s.

          20. I read the article and all I see that there are crazy people who commit crimes in the name of Trump and I think they should be prosecuted to the full extent by the law. I don’t think that Trumpsters, particularly Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz are destroying the Republican Party, quite the opposite: they exemplify it to its core principles. Since Trump conceded and will leave the White House on the 20th, these and other Trumpsters need to be left alone by Pelosi and co. What she is doing is reprehensible, motivated purely by spite. It’s getting old on her part, no pun intended. Speaking of that, maybe it’s her time to retire? Even Joe Biden admitted that there are more important things to be concerned about like economy and the virus. If President-elect doesn’t care about Trumpism anymore, why should we?

          21. “they exemplify it to its core principles.”

            You mean things like gaslighting? putting your own political interests ahead of saving peoples lives? ignoring the constitution? attempting to subvert election results you don’t like?

            “If President-elect doesn’t care about Trumpism anymore, why should we?”

            Because “we” don’t want anymore people dying due to the lies Trump and his supporters have told.

          22. Trumpism remains a problem and United States dangerously divided.

            Incidentally, Cruz is pathetically weak; after all, if someone insulted and lied about your family, would you lick their …?

            And Trump’s lame duck killing spree? You’ve not said what you think of that.

          23. Are you talking about the executions of people that happened in December? I have said somewhere else that I am not a fan of a capital punishment, and it is really a difficult issue for any sitting president when it comes to commuting. Especially when you’re dealing with serious economic and political problems at hand. The capital punishment is a huge American societal problem and to expect a singular political figure to somehow fix it would be too simplistic.

          24. I agree that the existence of capital punishment in a civilised western society is “a huge … societal problem”. Furthermore, these five executions either carried out, or scheduled to be carried out (I think that the last one is due to happen in a couple of days’ time), over the imprimatur of an outgoing president are dramatically out of line with over a century’s worth of precedent.

            If it was so necessary or desirable to kill these prisoners, why wasn’t it done before the election? My view is this: these unprecedented executions were nothing other than deadly dick-waving on the part of a psychopathic, narcissistic, dishonest dirty old man who had just lost and election.

            It is hard for me to express the extent of my fury on this matter.

          25. And Christians should remember that the Church’s teaching has recently been ‘clarified’: “inadmissable” under all circumstances. Before there was a bit of a ‘get out’ clause, but Francis has scrubbed that.

            For me what is most shocking about these latest judicial killings the motivation behind them: it was about Trump is showing that he still had the power of life and death. Even more perhaps than the events on the 6th, this action reveals something particularly vile about the character of this utterly revolting man.

          26. Please cite a reference where Al Gore (or his attorney’s in their legal filings/court arguments/public statements) ever claimed: “fraud.”

          27. It doesn’t matter now what Gore used to think about his elections and it doesn’t matter what Trump used to think about his elections, since both agreed to concede, eventually. It’s over. As for me, should Trump decide to run in 2024, I will not vote for him, because by that time he will be too old and I don’t believe that people of that age are capable of being successful leaders. With that being said, I wish that people like AOC will forever leave me alone in peace.

          28. it does matter, YOU were the one who claimed Gore argued the 2000 elections where “fraudulent.” In appropriately equating Gore’s legal challenges in 2000 to what Trump has done in 2020.

            then when I ask you for evidence you say “it doesn’t matter now”. Then why did you bring it up in the 1st place?

          29. You are taking my comments out of context, but that’s beyond the main point, I wanted to say that Trump would concede just like Gore did. It happened, so now, there is nothing more to say to you or anybody.

          30. How did I take anything you said out of context?

            1st Trump hasn’t actually conceded, so he couldn’t have “conceded just like Gore did.” 2nd even if Trump did concede it would still be NOTHING like what Gore did.

            Your attempts to equate the 2 cases is dishonest at best.

          31. The only substantive similarity between 2000 and now is that people voted in an election.

          32. Only in 1 state. No one claimed “fraud” or that the election was “rigged” or did anything else to undermine faith in the electoral process.

          33. The assertion was that the vote count might be in error due to the type of voting apparatus used by some counties. That the margin was razor thin made this even more important to consider. Fraud, which is a willful act, was not alleged.

          34. When I saw and heard two African American representatives (I’d like to know their names) claiming the professional misconduct and violation of Voting Rights Act of 1965 in Florida, I interpreted it as they were alleging that Black voters were defrauded. Unless it’s plausible to think that these alleged violations were being done accidentally.

          35. That could mean anything. Gore and Bush did not alledge fraud nor did their legal teams. What others here or there may have said is not relevant. Your analogy doesn’t hold up, just drop it and move on.

          36. I’ll amend my statement: “Neither Gore nor his legal team claimed fraud or the election was rigged THE WAY TRUMP AND HIS LEGAL TEAM DID

            are you happy now? will you now stop with the childish behaviour?

          37. I’ll amend my statement: “Neither Gore nor his legal team claimed fraud or the election was rigged THE WAY TRUMP AND HIS LEGAL TEAM DID

            are you happy now? will you now stop with the childish behaviour?

          38. You didn’t even “believe” they rioted.

            does Matt Gaetz provide even a single piece of evidence to support his claims? did you even bother to look up the “article” he cites?

            Nor did Al Gore claim Bush engaged in fraud in the 2000 election. Once again your biases are causing you to misrepresent the facts.

          39. You didn’t even “believe” they rioted.

            does Matt Gaetz provide even a single piece of evidence to support his claims? did you even bother to look up the “article” he cites?

            Nor did Al Gore claim Bush engaged in fraud in the 2000 election. Once again your biases are causing you to misrepresent the facts.

          40. Once again you twist words. NO ONE has claimed Trump “ordered” them to riot. Trump INCITED them to riot. Do you not understand what the word “incited” means?

          41. To incite means to tell them that it would be okay to use violence because they were supposedly cheated, that kind of stuff, right?

          42. So no, you don’t know what the word “incite” means.


            to move to action : stir up : spur on : urge on

            Trump has been stirring up trouble about the election results for the last 6 months. Getting worse and worse as time went on.

          43. I see what you mean. But there is also a criminal offense to incite a riot and as far as I know, it involves more serious moves to action. I just hope that those peaceful Trump supporters who were in DC on Wednesday, would never get in legal trouble with the Biden administration.

          44. They would be in trouble with the FBI, Capitol Police and other legal authorities. Not with “the Biden administration”

          45. Are you serious? So, you want to have peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment rights by simply assembling in front of the Capitol, which is legally open to the public, and then expressing their opinions about the election integrity to get in trouble with the law? If that’s the case, then it shows evidence that Democrat voters want to turn America into a dictatorial state. Oh, my God!

          46. If they were peaceful and in a space they were legally entitled to be, then there isn’t an issue.

          47. Gotcha, just making sure. There’s definitely going to be an investigation, and I hope that our law enforcement agencies will determine who were ordinary citizens and who were criminals involved in vandalism and destruction of public property. The latter should be prosecuted, no bones about it. I don’t care what organizations these criminals are affiliated with. Crimes are crimes.

          48. If the USA is still a free country and this video does not get censored (I hope it won’t), it can be helpful to prevent Pelosi from bringing up charges of either removal or impeachment against Trump and also help those Republican lawmakers who objected the certification.

          49. You chose the lesson you have ‘learned’ because it was the one most convenient with your existing beliefs. It’s called confirmation and selection bias, which you are demonstrating very ably here.

            It’s difficult to question your beliefs, to recognize that your entire premise may be false and then take the steps towards learning about it again.

          50. I’m not suggesting that Trump organized the violence and vandalism, but rather that he has created the context for it. And he did encourage those at the legal demo at the WH to go to the Capitol for what would be an illegal demo, which then turned into the disgraceful scenes the world has witnessed today.

          51. No, but there’s a lot of information that is and has been available. You have chosen to ignore it, or mischaracterize it.

          52. What about all the “protestors” jumping up and down on the gear left behind by the news crews? The “protestors” breaking through windows in the Capitol with sticks and riot shields?

          53. Also, the people who broke into the offices of Senators and House members (including Nancy Pelosi) ? I’d be willing to call people with crowbars rioters.

    1. Pence and McConnell have now come over; others will follow. I can understand how misled, disgruntled ignoramuses might still wish to side with Trump, but you are intelligent enough to know that it is time for Trump’s dangerous games to come to an end.

      1. So, you agree with that socialist ignoramus AOC, that everybody who supported Trump should be held accountable? I see her proposal as a danger to American democracy.

          1. You didn’t but I simply asked you a question. It’s just I am from New York City, and I would like to share that I am scared of the fact that AOC is representing or claims to represent me, so that’s why I was curious.

          2. No, I do not think that everyone who voted for Trump should be held accountable for today’s events. But, if they care about the Republic and its political health, they should make clear that they deplore what has happened today.

            In a democracy, people’s support for this or that should be won by argument. Sometimes that argument will involve sharp exchanges, but never violence or mob behaviour, or encouragement to violence. Trump has ‘form’ when it comes to encouraging violence, as a former UK ‘Secretary of State’ reminds us this piece from 2016:

          3. You didn’t but I simply asked you a question. It’s just I am from New York City, and I would like to share that I am scared of the fact that AOC is representing or claims to represent me, so that’s why I was curious.

          4. I really need to link you up with my sociopath brother.
            You’re the first I’ve ever encountered who could actually give him lessons on Wide-Eyed Innocence and Butter-Wouldn’t-Melt-In-His-Mouth Sincerity.

        1. In fact, they should be held accountable. They knew Trump is a serial liar and fabricator, that he cheats on his taxes and cozies up to the likes of Putin while betraying our alliances with actual friends.

          I well remember the Republican outrage that, because Clinton cheated on his wife, he couldn’t be trusted with the presidency.

          Trump not only cheated on every wife he’s had, he carried on an affair with a porn star and then paid her hush money. The Republican response?

          Yeah. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. Thirty thousand documented lies and counting.

          When you elect a known thug, don’t be surprised when there’s thuggery.

          1. I don’t agree that all who have supported Trump should be held accountable in a legal sense. They should, of course, be challenged in a manner the purpose of which is to get them to change their viewpoint. Winning the hearts and minds of ordinary voters is surely the best approach going forward.

          2. I don’t agree that all who have supported Trump should be held accountable in a legal sense. They should, of course, be challenged in a manner the purpose of which is to get them to change their viewpoint. Winning the hearts and minds of ordinary voters is surely the best approach going forward.

          3. I understand. Of course, many people bear a moral responsibility for the slide in US politics over the last five years. My hope is that today’s events will encourage everyone to reflect on their responsibilities as citizens of, or residents in, a democratic polity.

          4. I understand. Of course, many people bear a moral responsibility for the slide in US politics over the last five years. My hope is that today’s events will encourage everyone to reflect on their responsibilities as citizens of, or residents in, a democratic polity.

          5. Forgive me, I’m more pessimistic.

            I didn’t see people amenable to moral epiphanies charging the Capitol today. And these people are not going to change. It would be easier to teach calculus to a cat than persuade them to be citizens of a democratic polity.

            It is true that they have been enabled and abetted by politicians who know better. But an army of lunatics, unleashed by cynical hypocrites, is a devil to control and direct, much less reason with.

            People have always fought over politics in the U.S. But at least they were using the same dictionary. Today we have people who don’t recognize basic reality and, worse, don’t want a democratic United States. They don’t want to abide by the Constitution. Frankly, they don’t want their opponents to live. The D.C. rioters were not motivated by the desire for justice: They were united by hate.

            They are not going to calm down. They are not going to back down. They aren’t going to pick up The Federalist, and when they pick up the Bible, it’s not for the good parts. It’s the “smote” and “slew” parts they underline.

          6. My hope is that the White-Nationalist Domestic Terrorists responsible for today’s failed coup will be held responsible.

          7. Yes, the Trump thing was always ultimately about race / identity, and pushing hard against racism and those who peddle it is probably the best game in town.

          8. Maybe—right after the people who invaded the Capitol Building are identified, arrested, and tried for sedition.

        2. Watch out when you kiss Trump’s ass, TV.
          Ever heard of “Total Fecal Incontinence”?
          That’s why they call him “Diaper Don”.

    2. Didn’t do anything violent? Several people were injured by gunfire, and one woman died.

          1. The other three died from unspecified “medical emergencies” according to reports I read elsewhere. No one else shot, apparently. I’m thinking heart attacks or strokes, maybe COVID complications…in this day and age, that can’t be discounted as a possibility.

          2. Will be interesting to see how the White-Nationalist Domestic Terrorists do with COVID infection rates after yesterday’s failed coup attempt.

          3. And I just saw a story that about 50 Republicans in the House refused to wear masks while huddled in close quarters in their secure location yesterday, despite pleas from elderly members and the sergeant-at-arms. Deplorable is too weak a word for these vermin.

          4. I wonder if the idiot Republican from Kansas was among them, who voted to accept the electors last night, then found out/admitted that he had tested positive for COVID-19. I wish the Sergeant-at=Arms had removed all the members who refused to wear masks, shoving them out into the hall and locking the door behind them.

          5. Don’t you know the PLANdemic is all a HOAX?
            All Fake News.
            Librul Media LIES.

        1. Five. The Capitol Cop who got brained by a thrown fire extinguisher (on camera) didn’t make it.

    3. A question for you …

      Has Trump made any meaningful statement expressing regret at the death of four of his supporters, or to him are his supporters, many of whom appear to be intellectually weak and highly suggestible, simply ‘cannon fodder’ for his ego?

      1. As far as I know, Trump has not made any more public videos, other than the one I showed you when he told people to go home. I wonder if it would matter if he makes any further statements since he already agreed to the peaceful transition of power to Biden.

        Trump’s press secretary just made a statement, just go to 15 minutes to watch:

        Also, here is an account of what happened on Wednesday from the so-called mainstream media:

        1. Thank you for the video clip. She looked rather out of her depth, didn’t she? Maybe she should have followed the example of US Representative Barbara Lee and worn tennis shoes; then she could have run away from the podium more quickly at the end.

          By the way, how do feel about that little killing spree Trump sanctioned a few weeks ago? The last time an on-the-way-out president authorized executions was way back in the 19th Century, I believe. Another example of Trump’s ‘tendency’ to unprecedented behaviour perhaps?

          (I always feel better after posting this video!)

          1. Trump was also really enamored about firing squads.
            Just the thought of ordering someone “taken out and shot”…

          2. Those late death warrants were indeed dick-waving. As that video clips says: he is a vile and horrible man.

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