Masks = Slavery? What Madness is This?

Today in nearby Mercer PA, a small protest against PA’s stay at home restrictions was held and a friend took this photo:

Starting Sunday night, Governor Tom Wolf requested “as many people as possible wear a nonmedical or homemade mask when leaving their homes.” Apparently, this woman has no idea what slavery is or was because there is nothing equivalent about slavery and a requirement to wear a mask to prevent the spread of disease. It is impossible to take protests like this seriously when this kind of absurd and racially insensitive rhetoric is featured.

This same woman is not permitted to walk down the middle of the street or drive on the wrong side of the road. These rules are for her good and the safety of others. Today I wore my mask when I went out and I plan to protect myself and others for the duration.

It is beyond belief that Donald Trump has done nothing to discourage these protests. He has actually promoted them with his tweets to “liberate” three states with Democratic governors. I can’t think of a comparable situation in my lifetime where an American president says one thing to the public but provokes his followers to ignore what he says. He could put a stop to this by calling out the protesters. They are carrying Trump signs and flags. Some are carrying Confederate flags. He has every reason to discourage the protests for public health reasons but he winks and nods and they continue.

In Harrisburg, PA today, an antivax message was prominent as a part of the protest.

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  1. I don’t agree with it being slavery, but I can understand why someone may think that being forced to dress or wear something might think they are in a situation which is not good. Either way Trump hasn’t “nodded” or “winked” at anything, that is just the TDS monster showing up again.

    1. That’s just wrong. His tweets to liberate states with Dem governors, his refusal to discourage the rallies because they praise him, and his blatant lies that they are staying six feet apart (we have video) is an encouragement to them to keep it up. A president who wanted to provide leadership on this would tell his supporters to follow the guidelines he says he endorses. He would discourage the rallies and tell them all of this is for a greater good. He can do it because they will listen to him. All they hear is encouragement.

      1. Oh boy, please provide some sources for your statement that because they ‘praise him” he won’t discourage rallies. Which rallies are these in any case when did they happen etc. Further could you provide context to the statements about “liberating” states from tyrannical democratic governors. Still the whole wink and nod thing you haven’t substantiated, I suppose you’re used to folks who suffer from confirmation bias.

    2. Trump Derangement Syndrome comes in both polarities: Positive and Negative.

      And you always find one polarity of Trump Derangement Syndrome wedded to the opposite polarity of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

      1. why do you think that? Clinton was judged on what she did say and do for instance she actually wanted to force the church to accept immoral behaviors which are contrary to scripture. She actually wanted to change the constitution to suit her identity politics.

        Can you explain what exactly Clinton Derangement Syndrome is seeing as you brought it up?

  2. Warren if you are correct then many of these protesters will get the disease that came out of China and some will die if you are incorrect they won’t. Time will tell because the protests are going to continue.

    1. “some will die”

      While that will be tragic it is their choice. The real problem you are missing (or I suspect deliberately ignoring) is that some of them will contract the disease then spread it to innocent bystanders (who had NOTHING to do with the protests) and some of those bystanders will die.

        1. All you are interested in doing is trolling for Trump. You lack compassion, understanding, intelligence. I don’t expect you to do anything.

      1. Indeed. If you want to risk your own life, and you know that’s what you are doing, have at it. It’s risking other people’s lives without their consent that I have a problem with.

  3. Warren if you are correct then many of these protesters will get the disease that came out of China and some will die if you are incorrect they won’t. Time will tell because the protests are going to continue.

  4. Just a minute or two ago I heard a radio ad for NewsMax (“The TRUTH They Won’t Tell You!”) about Sean Spicer exposing the TRUTH about the power grab of “The Virus Police”. It specifically mentioned THEY were shutting down Christian churches as part of their Coup. (THEY’re going after their greatest enemy — Born Again Bible-Believing CHRISTIANS. I didn’t know you could hear a Raised Eyebrow “Hmmmmmmm…” over the radio.)

  5. While I never agreed with the characterization in the poem, “The Second Coming” by WB Yeats , that the “best lack all conviction” I have always understood that the “worst are full of a passionate intensity” . For too long conservatives regularly march under the banner of the “Worst” .

      1. Yeah- and just look from where on the political and religious spectrum his shrillest and most severed critics come from.

          1. No- are you saying he agrees with these other wackos? There are a few and it seems very few- who have not joined the cult. Sane people can make common cause with each other for the common good.

      2. I suspect that the political spectrum has moved or has been redefined; terms like “conservative” do not now mean what they once meant. Furthermore, the idea that Trump – with his love of fiscal laxity, his overt crudeness, his clumsy lies and his ‘interesting’ sexual history – is a (traditional) conservative is utterly ridiculous. In terms of political philosophy, he is a nothing; what he says today could be drowned in bleach tomorrow.

    1. Or as Bertrand Russel put it in 1933:
      “The stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are filled with doubt.”

      1. Yep- nothing worse than a dumb person that is convinced they are really really smart. Like our Orange and Puffy president*- puffed up in more ways than one.

  6. At least they appear to be carrying the American Flag, rather than the traitors’ rag. That’s a nice change.

  7. “Jesus is my vaccine” says one sign. I do wish people would stop telling Jesus who/what he is and let him speak for himself!

    And he is speaking for himself: through the many good folk who are being responsible, and showing kindness and, in some cases, heroism in the fight to protect others, especially the most vulnerable.

    1. LISA: “But he had a verse! He was acting in Faith!”
      JESUS: “No, he was acting like a circus clown. And now he understands the verse that says not to test me.”
      — Coffee with Jesus (online clipart strip by Radio Free Babylon)

      1. I’m sure Jesus would also go on to say that he still loved him despite his stupidity. 😉

        (Mind you, being loved does not mean that one necessarily escapes the practical consequences of stupidity …)

        1. I still read that line as more in an “annoyed” voice than anything else.
          Like facepalm-level annoyed.

          1. Oh I have no doubt that God finds people’s selfishness and stupidity extremely annoying!

  8. Few Americans these days understand the principles of responsible citizenship in a free society and instead only focus on their own self-centered desires.

    1. I doubt it. Certainly, there are a few Americans who shout loudly about their “freedom” to refuse to wear masks when they leave their homes, or to refuse to stay at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Most people, though, care about preserving their own and others’ health, and are following the guidelines set–mostly– by their governors and mayors, and ignoring the president’s wishes that everybody should get back to work, re-open stores, and go shopping.

      1. I copied that over and shortened from another statement and ended up changing the sense of my statement, my vad.

    2. Do they still teach civics? I had to take a year long class covering the US Constitution and related topics in great detail.

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