Vote in Poll: Should Gospel for Asia Disclose Financial Statements?

Today on Twitter I posted a poll in response to Gospel for Asia’s repetitive requests for donations. I simply asked:

If you have a Twitter account, I invite you to take part in the poll.

GFA constantly spins their work and solicits funds for India but has never disclosed to donors that their charity registration has been revoked in India. They have not released an audited financial statement since 2013. They promised to seek membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability after they were kicked out in 2015 but have not done so.

4 thoughts on “Vote in Poll: Should Gospel for Asia Disclose Financial Statements?”

  1. If they want to get back into the ECFA as they claim they’re working on, this is a requirement. The fact that they are not doing so demonstrates their dishonesty.

  2. GFA is not and has not ever been a legit charity. Western donors are lemmings throwing money at PR schemes without the slightest thought that it might actually get stolen and misused for evil purposes.

    1. “There’s a sucker born every minute”, and Christians have shown themselves to be easy marks.

      Remember the Didache? A secondary Christian treatise from AD 100 or so?
      Well, a full third of the Didache is how to recognize a con man in the pulpit.

      “I didn’t see the Holy Spirit, I didn’t see any demonic spirits. I saw a con man working an audience.”
      — my writing partner’s summary of Tatted Todd/Lakeland Revival footage

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