Crown Him with Many Crowns – Trump Upon His Throne

This speaks for itself.

Keep in mind that this is a political rally in a church. These evangelicals have political goals which are more important than their religious ones.

For more, see these posts by John Fea and Andy Rowell.

16 thoughts on “Crown Him with Many Crowns – Trump Upon His Throne”

  1. I gotta say, while I couldn’t take any more of your relentless retweeting of every/any buttclown from any quarter (neocon? leftist? demonstrable phony? documented liar? who cares!) who is equally as antagonized by Trump, and thus had to unfollow you on Twitter, I am on the edge of my seat to see what can possibly come next if Trump is reelected. Can you possibly turn it up past 11?

    1. If people from every corner are criticizing him, might it indicate that there is something there worth criticizing? Can *everyone* criticizing him be an insincere fraud?

  2. I do note that Lord The Donald is smiling for the camera, and he always knows which camera to look at, as Paula the Pilferer, touches him reverently.

    The followers of the Court Evangelicals, including the members of this church “pastored” by someone who claims to raise people from the dead, have long given up worship of the Triune God, and want nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth. They prefer Republican Jesus, and Mammon. And one day, they will all ascend to Republican Heaven where both the streets and the toilets, are covered with gold.

  3. I guess sometime yesterday Trump claimed that a Mayor Pete wasn’t really a Christian until a few weeks ago when it was political for him. Pete when asked seemed bemused and wondered why Trump might be suddenly interested in his spiritual journey. He ended with “I’m pretty sure I’ve been a Christian longer than he’s been a Republican “. Score one for Pete.

  4. If his “God is on our side” was in reference to his re-election campaign, that’s the sort of blasphemy that Christians across the board should be rushing to condemn (for any candidate who would claim that).

    If it was in reference to the recent military action, Trump needs to read Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address (and then have somebody explain it to him!) regarding the folly of claiming God’s mantle for human military ventures.

    1. They are now looking at him as the New Messiah, so it’s not blasphemy for them.
      He believes he’s a much better president than Lincoln (whom his cult now claims Democrats would have impeached), so why should he read anything the man wrote? Lincoln doesn’t mention Donnie by name, in any of his speeches.

    1. i agree.
      wheneverJesus was asked about taxes, He paid them, without complaint, I may add.

      perhaps if churches had to pay taxes, they might give more to the poor in order to get the deduction. ?

    2. That church should be taxed. Churches are not supposed to be political platforms (for either side).

    3. According to Trump’s speech he ended the Johnson Amendment (which prevents non-profit, i.e. churches, involvement in political campaigns). it isn’t true (see the John Fea link), and I think if the IRS did its job and at least sent this church a warning letter, it would open up at least a few eyes about Trump’s lies.

  5. There are many walking in darkness and calling it light.
    “This people honors Me with their lips, but their heart is far away from Me.”

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