About Eric Metaxas’ Tattooed Pilot

In a 12/20 interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN, Eric Metaxas was asked how he can support Trump given Trump’s actions. Watch:

Metaxas wants us to think Trump is just a naughty president with his bad language and womanizing. Here’s the thing; I don’t care if Trump has tattoos. I really don’t care that much that he has been married three times. It is relevant that he paid off women to keep his affairs secret but even that isn’t the main event for me.

Sticking with the pilot analogy, I want to know if the pilot get his license by bribing the person who tests pilots? Did he cheat taking the pilot’s exam? Did he lie to get it or keep it? Has he been accused of any crimes as a pilot? If so and he’s investigated, does he lie about matters related to the charges? Does he hide pertinent documents?  Does prevent witnesses from talking?

Metaxas is infuriatingly dense on this point. He portrays his opponents as legalistic prudes. This is simply dishonest.

Trump right now is keeping his staff from providing Congress with information. He is withholding documents from Congress. He lies to the public and Congress about his “perfect” call to Ukraine’s president. He lies about being exonerated by the Mueller report. If Trump is a tattooed pilot, being tattooed is the least of our concerns. He’s dangerous and needs to be grounded.

11 thoughts on “About Eric Metaxas’ Tattooed Pilot”

  1. Everything Trump touches dies. This is simply Exhibit Infinity.

    There will come a day, and not too far in the future, when patsies like Metaxas will be confronted with what they’ve done. There have already been stories of former Trump staffers unable to find jobs after leaving this White House, and present staffers being confronted over their work whenever they venture out in public.

    When Nixon resigned, and left office in disgrace, an enduring mystery was exposed: How on earth did he ever get elected, since no one voted for him. Finding an admitted Nixon voter was harder than finding a Yeti wearing a top hat and tails in midtown Manhattan. There is a part of every current Republican office holder’s brain that knows this, yet they can’t let go. So they are in it to the end, which will not be pretty.

    I have zero sympathy for them.

  2. When evangelicals support Trump, they clearly demonstrate that they are going with “the end justifies the means” morality.

    If the end justifies the means, then abortion for completely frivolous reasons is justified.

    If the end justifies the means, then same sex marriage is fully justified.

    By going with “the end justifies the means”, evangelicals have lost everything. They no longer have a credible voice on moral issues.

    Metaxas does not seem to understand this.

    1. One might go further and ask what exactly are the “ends” that are justifying the dodgy means? Trump has absolutely no desire for any kind of theocracy, since he wants to be ‘god’ of the American body politic. Can these people who support him in the named of ‘religion’ really not see that?!

  3. What is never asked of any of these ‘pundits’ is if they hold up Donald Trump as an example and role model for the younger generations. Do they want their children and grandchildren exposed to Trump’s daily bullying and lies?

    1. A better question is what would you do if your children/grandchildren behaved in the manner that Trump does? What if your neighbors children/grandchildren behaved that way?

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