Worship Leaders Praise Trump Administration’s Work for Marginalized While the Administration Marginalizes More People

On the White House Twitter account, Gateway Church worship leaders Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe gush about Donald Trump’s work for the “marginalized” and all the great things the administration is doing. Watch:

In this taxpayer funded video, the two Christian singers tell viewers that the administration is helping marginalized people. She said:

But the thing that moved me the most is just how everyone is so for making sure we’re changing people’s lives and not leaving those that are marginalized and those that have been trafficked and those that are…A lot of times for those of us who don’t work in the White House, it can look really big and something that we can’t really end. But they are working to end these things and change these things. And I’ve just been in tears all day. It’s been incredible. I’m just so thankful to be a part of this today and to see what God is doing in our White House.

Carnes followed by saying the “faith community” was involved:

So many good things happening for the faith community and for the world. And things that we all believe in in the faith community that can change the world are being supported and are happening in this house.

In the comments under Carnes’ and Jobe’s tweet, Jobe’s college roommate left a message that confronted this rosy assessment with bright light. Jory Micah wrote:

In October, no refugees were settled in the U.S. for the first time since the 1980s. There is an ongoing humanitarian crisis happening at our Southern border. Recently, a migrant teen boy died of the flu while in custody of U.S. Border Patrol. I could go on to discuss the Kurds and the faith community there that Trump left to be slaughtered by the Turks.

There is reason to believe the Administration’s rhetoric on human trafficking is faulty.  Many of their policies toward migrants and refugees actually make trafficking worse. But because Christian leaders have stars in their eyes, they won’t challenge what they are being told or do any independent research. Because Trump and Pompeo say it, it must be true.

Christians are supposed to be monotheists. However, in the age of Trump, there are two gods in many of their lives, and as I have written before, Trump shall have the preeminence.

UPDATE:  Bethel Seminary professor Andy Rowell has a list of the worship leaders who attended the Dec. 6 event at the White House.

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  1. Wow, you couldn’t get that much heresy and low, low bar christianism together in one room, any other way could you… not surprised to see (based on Andy Rowells list) so much of Bethel Redding… there con-you-all schtick is pretty much the same as trump’s con-man ethos.
    A thought flitted through my brain today, and it goes like this; what if the whole mega-church, contemporary worship “rally” atmosphere is part of the perfect preparation for trumps arrival in these people’s world (who’ve been serving/steeped in this kind of public gathering all or most of their lives? What if trump is the new revivalist? Seeing/hearing trumpist christians talk, they seem to think we’re in a 3rd great awakening… it’s a very religious experience they’re having…

    1. In correspondence with the blogger Wondering Eagle, we have scratched our heads as to why Born-Again Bible-Believing Christians are among the most Fanatical of Trump Fanatics. Like they’ve Taken The Mark in bad Christian Apocalyptic. This link backs up his working hypothesis:


      Money quote: Point 5 on the above page, first item under “The Ugly”.’

      5. Denny Burk recently wrote a post describing his experience of attending a Donald Trump rally. While the description of events is disturbing, I am forced to wonder if those within the Neo-Calvinist camp realize Trump is a monster of their own creation.
      Burk and company have built an empire on a theology of fear and antagonism. It is absolutely no surprise that the very people they have endeavored to control with fear now choose support a presidential candidate who amplifies the tactics of their own pastors/leaders.

      The “Denny Burk” comment links to this page:


      Look at the image of God you get way too often from American Christians, from the inhuman determinism of the Calvinist God to the occult woo-woo of the Ultra-Charismatic Spiritual Warriors.

      The Pious Piper writes and tweets about a Determinist God whose only goal is HIs Own Glory, whose only reason for existing is Glorifying God (no matter who gets hurt in the process). The Rapture Ready crowd gushes over a God who So Hated the World He’s about to send His Only Begotten Son to destroy it all and cast all except His Special Pets (guess who?) into Eternal Hell.

      Like some sort of Arrested Development Narcissist with Power, always obsessed with Loyalty of his inferiors, casting thunderbolts down on any whim. (Remind you of anyone in the news?) Not even Zeus at this worst what that touchy.

      When someone comes along who acts just like that God except more so, well, he must be More Godly(TM)! The Pastors who preached that thought THEY would be the one to fill those shoes. They groomed their pew peons over 40 years of Culture War, conditioned them to that axiom. They never dreamed someone would come along with a public persona more “Godly(TM)” than theirs…


  2. I remember David Brock’s book title, “Blinded By The Right”. In the book he described doing things like lying to sabotage Hilary Clinton’s reputation, and the reputations of other Liberals and Liberal ideas and policies. Brock was no evangelist- but now we see “Christian Faith Leaders” sinking even lower Mr. Brock ever did. He left out of conscience- can these preachers do the same?

      1. I read about that. I’m quite sure the Dominionists would like to have that ability, here, but the more “conservative” RCs just can’t conceive of that idea, and think those guys are their friends.

  3. Gateway Church worship leaders are wilfully blind and deaf if they actually believe that Trump’s work with the “marginalized” does anything but make their condition worse. He is acting to cut 700,000 people off food stamps; there are still children in cages whose parents came seeking asylum in this country; poor women are being affected by the closing abortion clinics in a number of states–which provide low-cost, basic health care in addition to abortion services. . .and the list goes on, practically endlessly. As Rachel Maddow has cautioned repeatedly, “Watch what they do, not what they say.” Trump’s policies are designed to hurt people, no matter what he says.

      1. Don’t forget the example set from on high that what has been Forbidden is now Permitted.

    1. “Watch what they do, not what they say.”

      Good advice especially given our Islamist attacks here in Europe and the 12 ongoing Muslim sex gang court cases ongoing in the UK.

      Yes I’m an atheist.

  4. Self-serving congratulation by ‘religious’ folk is always a sign that something has gone horribly wrong.

      1. Well, I am not an atheist; rather my Christian convictions lead me to try to have a proper regard for my own limitations! And I also believe that ‘goodness’ (being ultimately of God) is not limited to people of this or that religious persuasion (see those genuine acts of kindness and works of mercy performed by many Muslims and others!).

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