Is It a Children’s Book or a Book for Adults? Eric Metaxas Can’t Seem to Decide about Donald Builds the Wall

Eric Metaxas loves him some Donald Trump.  Not only does he defend just about everything Trump does, Metaxas has written two illustrated books about the president. The most recent one is called Donald Builds the Wall. This one depicts Trump building a wall between the good people of the U.S. and swamp dwelling creatures of those swampy countries to our south. It is the casting of refugees as swamp creatures that has some people upset. Here is a tweet from Rondell Trevino, who founded an immigration group sympathetic to work with refugees.

Metaxas responded that the creatures weren’t migrants but politicians.

I suspect the distinction will be lost on most readers, especially young ones. Metaxas then claims the book isn’t really a kid’s book but rather “an adult HUMOR book in the GUISE of a kids book.”

However, in an interview with CBN News, Metaxas clearly stated that the book is for children.

Obviously this is for kids, so you want to make it simple, but it is kind of that simple because we’ve lost sight of the basics of what it means. If you want freedom you have to guard your freedom. You have to make sure the people who are part of your nation buy into that idea of what it is to be free and these are really heavy ideas that are not being done justice in the mainstream media and we kind of thought in a children’s book, in a humor book we can say what you can’t say sometimes in a different form.

The publisher’s description of the book on Apple books describes it as “the children’s book and political parable that America needs right now. ”

So which is it Eric?

Caravan of Troublemakers

In the introduction the book, Metaxas and his illustrator Tim Raglin call refugees a “caravan of troublemakers” who are coming to “take over the country.”

This appears to be a reference to the recent waves of refugees coming from Central America who are fleeing violence.

I suspect that this is a book which historians will see as an indicator of the bankruptcy of evangelical leadership during the Trump era. The effort to get children to associate people wanting to find a better life in the United States with “bad news,” “troublemakers,” and “swamp creatures” is clear and indefensible. In the past, refugees leaving their homes and coming to America (think Neil Diamond) have been considered noble. In the pen and ink of Metaxas and Raglin, they are “troublemakers” and “bad news.”

Currently, we have a president who allows Stephen Miller – an open white nationalist sympathizer – to serve as an advisor to the president on the subject of immigration. Last month, for the first time, no refugees from anywhere were settled in the U.S. The State Department has a freeze on resettlements and a plan to reduce such moves to the lowest level in 30 years in 2020.

Metaxas’ book lionizing Trump doesn’t appear in the hands of children in a vacuum. This administration has steadily kneecapped the flow of legal immigration, even when that means keeping brown-skinned Christians out.

Thus, Metaxas book is fiction is more ways than the obvious one. He promotes a fictional narrative about Donald the swamp drainer and Donald the freedom preserver. And Metaxas now claims he isn’t targeting children. This is just one of many stories he can’t get straight.

Future Metaxas Books

Metaxas does have a wealth of material to work with. I can suggest some future titles:

Donald Bribes a Foreign President

Donald Abandons an Ally

Donald Grabs a Cat

Donald Loses a Trade War

Think of more? Leave them in the comments.

Additional note:

In previous media interviews, Metaxas calls these books “children’s books”:

On his Facebook page, Metaxas calls the book a children’s book.

The Holy Spirit Led Metaxas to Write Children’s Books about Trump

In this CBN clip, the book is repeatedly referred to as a children’s book.

For kids of all ages…

Publisher’s description on Apple books.

How many adult books are sold on

20 thoughts on “Is It a Children’s Book or a Book for Adults? Eric Metaxas Can’t Seem to Decide about Donald Builds the Wall”

  1. Metaxas’s excuse is suspiciously like the age old dodge “It was a joke!” and then a quick turn around to victim blaming, “Why are you so sensitive? You don’t have any sense of humor.” Usually said after some crude and indefensible comment. Yes, totally a joke, unless you agree with him.

  2. Donald Calls People Names (and doesn’t worry about hurting feelings)
    Donald the Best at Everything
    Donald’s Golden Hair
    Donald the Orange President
    The Mystery of Donald’s School Grades
    The Mystery of Donald’s Taxes

  3. “In previous media interviews, Metaxas calls these books “children’s books””


    Are you suggesting that an evangelical conservative would attempt to re-write history to serve his own personal/political ends? I’m shocked.

  4. Teaching children to despise other children who are refugees? I suggest Mr. Metaxas have his neck size sent to a millstone crafter, and charter a boat to the Marianas trench…

  5. Donald Puts Foxes in Charge of the Henhouse
    Donald Buys some Hair
    Donald Helps the Poor Billionaires
    Donald’s Search for Emoulments
    Donald and the Very Fine White Nationalists
    Donald and Franklin: A Match Made Somewhere other than Heaven
    Donald versus Facts: After all, what is Truth?

  6. This is one the most vivid examples of the insanity of Trump supporters, here’s a once smart and thoughtful guy who has been turned into an incoherent mess. I’ve been watching his nonsensical tweets as he tries to deal with the backlash to this book, it’s really sad to see. There literally seems to be a fog of insanity that comes over certain devoted trump supporters, you might even call it possession. Scary stuff.

    1. Yep, I’m leaning towards some kind of “possession” as well… not because I want to; I have close family under this spell… very sad, but just mind-blowing and it just gets worse; the hole they’ve dug themselves into…

      1. I’d say it is more an extreme case of cognitive dissonance. People don’t want to admit they made a monumentally bad choice in supporting Trump, so they refuse to see the harm he has done and instead focus on the good things (real or imagined) they like about him.

  7. This is awful. I am embarrassed that a few years ago I respected Metaxas This guy sold his soul for celebrity, money and power.

  8. I am saddened that this guy is popular with some on the right. I wish he could/would find a way to support himself and his family without resorting to controversial subjects and lies.

    A minor comment, though. You state that the migrant caravans from Central America were fleeing the violence in their countries. Perhaps that is true for some, but the vast majority are coming here for the almighty dollar.

    1. Maybe I am wrong about the motives of the refugees but given that most of them have nothing but what they were carrying, how can you know that they were seeking money as a primary motive? Seems like they would stay and join a gang or engage in crime if that is what they wanted. Vast majority is a lot of people. You may have vast majority confused with a few people you saw interviewed on a conservative news show.

      1. come on, Warren. everyone knowns crime doesn’t pay.
        I’m not saying that they aren’t poor, either.
        but if you don’t think the majority come for money and jobs, rather than fleeing violence, i believe you are wrong. And i don’t watch news shows.

        1. And what is wrong with them coming here looking for a better life?

          Isn’t that pretty much why most immigrants came to the US?

        2. Both can be true, they are not mutually exclusive. Due to the impact of climate change creating what is now a severe 7 year drought, the area has declined into near anarchy around the northern triangle which has been the primary source of much of these refugee caravans. If the choice is joining a criminal gang, starving to death, being murdered…or coming to America and hoping for a better chance, well yeah you take your family.

          Few people make a trip like this for only a single factor.

    2. “These monsters are POLITICIANS” not Immigrants”, remember?

      The caravan of troublemaking politicians has nothing to do with the caravan of immigrants.

      And I am Marie of Rumania.

  9. This is pathetic. It seems this is neither a children’s book nor an adult book: It is just a horrible book.

    If this is anything to go by, Goebbels had nothing on Metaxas.

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