Robert Jeffress Invokes Threat of “Civil War Like Fracture” in Defense of Trump

Donald Trump just tweeted the following quote from Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress:

This is of course is an outrageous statement from Jeffress and a sign of panic and desperation from Trump. It is one more sign that Trump is unfit for office that he would incite such divisive rhetoric to try to keep himself in power.

For Jeffress to equate the impeachment of Trump to slavery as a reason for a “Civil War like fracture” is absurd. While we are in the minority, there are many evangelicals who want to see respect for the rule of law.

You can see the interview below:

45 thoughts on “Robert Jeffress Invokes Threat of “Civil War Like Fracture” in Defense of Trump”

  1. How wonderful that the followers of the Odious Jeffress can listen to his teachings about worshiping the Golden Idol in the White House, and how anyone who doesn’t, will go to Hell.

  2. Is Robert Jeffress the face of the SBC? Does he speak for all baptists? If so, the SBC has become a corrupt fascist organization that betrays the gospel.

    1. Is Robert Jeffress the face of the SBC?

      No, not necessarily the face of the SBC, yet one of a long line of recognizable representatives, both past and present, also including brethren: Franklin Graham, Richard Land, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Russell D. Moore, Paige Patterson, Thom S. Rainer, Matt Bevin, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and more. All very helpful in their individually unique ways in representing the “face” of the SBC.

    1. I’ve been trying to make my mind up about Kinzinger. He has no problem with reality. I don’t always agree with him, but he is direct, rational, and as far as I can see, honest.

  3. Evangelicals made their bed with this scandalous man, and the ones who did deserve to have all of his sordid and evil deeds attributed to them. They knew what they were doing!

    1. I’ve said from the beginning, “They knew it was a snake when they picked it up.” Apparently, they don’t care how many times it bites them, they’re not putting it down.

      1. Yes. And Trump actually told them over and over that HE was a snake. Remember that song he recited at his rallies.

      1. Robert Jeffress and other Court Evangelicals are witnessing the death of their White Evangelical hegemony in real time. It will take a while before their hegemony is fully dismantled, but at least the first cracks have appeared.

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