Liberty University Protesters Want Investigation of Falwell

A student protest is planned this morning at Liberty University. Specifically, the students want an investigation of issues raised in the Politico article by Brandon Ambrosino about Jerry Falwell’s personal and business dealings.

Elizabeth, a LU student, is organizing the event which is slated for 11:45am.

The students have the following mission statement:

Our mission statement is to bring to light the truth of these allegations of various misconduct as brought forth by the Politico Magazine article. We are demanding and investigation both internal and external.

#StudentsForChange is the hashtag the group is using for news about the protest. There isn’t much now but there might be more during and after the event. Falwell has a compliant board but it remains to be seen what student unrest will do to his support.

16 thoughts on “Liberty University Protesters Want Investigation of Falwell”

  1. From Snopes: “Falwell said he would ask the FBI to investigate. He also said Liberty has hired ‘the meanest lawyer in New York,’ whom he declined to identify, to pursue civil cases.”

    I am not a man of faith, though I certainly was raised as one, but that does not sound very Christian to me.

    As for Junior’s threat to call the FBI, I would suggest he pick up the phone or get online and find the non-emergency number for the Lynchburg, VA, police, call them, and ask to make a report, if he insists. The FBI has far better things to do, and likely won’t think there’s a federal crime here.

  2. So encouraged by this #StudentsForChange intervention. These students are displaying a moral and spiritual courage absent in Falwell Jr., Liberty University’s authoritarian theocrat.

  3. Follow the money see where it leads it’s to shrunken men stuffed up with greed.

    Many many big name Religious leaders who profess Christ with their lips are far far from Him. With a naked lust for worldly power and breathtaking pride of life and greed. Many, many have divorced themselves from Jesus and they will be the last to know.

    Jesus weeps

  4. Juney has said all of this is a plot – I guess by Deep State? A plot to bring him down?

    1. That is JFJ’s Official Party Line.

      Professor Fea over at “The Way of Improvement Leads Home” ( has been covering this for most of this week. His post titles include (in approximate chronological order):
      * Politico Exposes Jerry Falwell Jr. and Liberty University
      * Why the Recent Politico Piece Will Not Hurt Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Standing Among Many Conservative Evangelicals
      * Yes, Jerry Falwell WAS in That Miami Nightclub. He Lied About It
      * Falwell Jr. : There is a “Criminal Conspiracy” to Oust Me From Power at Liberty University
      * Falwell Seeks to Crush an “Attempted Coup” to Remove Him From Power at Liberty University
      * Falwell Jr: Champion for Christ!

      So the Official Liberty Story is now a Vast Conspiracy attempting a Coup against the Champion For Christ(TM).

    2. re “Deep State” — I can’t help thinking it’s the latest Proper Code Words for “The Elders of Zion(TM)…”

  5. Don’t be surprised if the administration does everything it can to silence the students, including misuse of scripture. Falwell has an iron grip on a rubber stamp faculty.

    1. Yep, he double-down today claiming, if anything, he’s been too lenient on all the “incompetent” people on the staff, and blaming the attacks on his palling around with Trump.

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