The Family: A Documentary Series on the Fellowship Foundation Starts August 9 on Netflix

On August 9, Netflix will roll out a documentary series based on Jeff Sharlet’s book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. I was interviewed for this series and will appear in one of the episodes. My part of the picture relates to my work against Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill from 2009 to 2015. You can watch a trailer of the series below:

As part of my efforts against the Ugandan legislation, I attended the 2010 National Prayer Breakfast at the invitation of The Family (Fellowship Foundation). While there, I conducted one of four interviews with Fellowship Foundation leader, the late Douglas Coe. It was published in 2010 in Christianity Today.

Coe died last year and there has been some struggle for leadership. The Fellowship has been in the news  to due to their connection Russian agent Maria Butina. I will add  on the series as it progresses.

Prior articles on the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill can be viewed here. 

More recent articles on the Fellowship Foundation, including the case of Russian agent Maria Butina can be viewed here and here.

9 thoughts on “The Family: A Documentary Series on the Fellowship Foundation Starts August 9 on Netflix”

  1. The Family pushes the Russian collusion narrative! It is clearly a propaganda piece. Beware!!!! The Christian narrative from Russia is for sure an olive branch offering from Russia. I don’t trust it as genuine however, it has nothing to do with the “Russian Collusion farce” which is being pedaled in the media at large. It is completely different. I believe it is actually in harmony with the AIPAC collusion. The extreme left is, covertly, in opposition to Trump’s treasonous support of Israel. The Russians and Israel are together. They both hate Christianity and America and seek to destroy it. China too! Trump’s fortunes were gained doing NYC Real Estate deals to money launder for the Jewish Russian mafia. That is the tie in. Many ,many Russian Jews immigrated to Israel.The Israel collusion constitutes the true narrative but politicians and media are afraid to speak out because they receive so much $$$$$ support from AIPAC. Look into this! Trump owes the Rothschilds bank big time!!!!!! Mr Evelyn De Rothshilds established the Cesarea project and purchased large swaths of real estate in Israel. They bailed out Trump when he was going bankrupt. Wilbur Ross, Trumps commerce secretary, was his man in the Rothchild Inc. bank. Its all in the family of Israel connections. Look at the close family ties of Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu. There are Christian people working in all countries to form a new world order through a corporate means. That is true! These are Mason christian infiltrators. The leaders in government all over the world are together working to bring about a global government. There is ,however, different factions jockeying for position to be on top, hence the propaganda and misdirection pieces by Netflix and the News. No one dares talk about Israel due to being labeled and ANTI-SEMITE, and its the death knell. Israel’s control of the world order will solidify the Neocons corporate power but don’t forget the radical socialist agenda was pended by the Zionists as well. It’s a win win for the Zionist.

  2. Watched the first episode yesterday and now have a much clearer picture of how and why Nazis are using Jesus as a foil for their takeover of the world. I have wondered about this ever since my fundie father told me Trump was “the chosen one” and represented Jesus, was Jesus returned in 2017. His Adventist church is neck deep in this cult as is the AOG and many others. I think we’re facing a bloody and nightmarish future. Why is it always Nazis? Ugh.

  3. Just finished watching The Family.
    It’s almost overwhelming.

    Looking good, Dr. T!
    Glad you were a part of it. Thanks for all you do.

  4. I was already going to watch this as the book was excellent. Knowing now that you’re in it, is a huge bonus. I am so impressed with how much impact you have had even as you professored full-time and did your blogging from a MacDonalds.

    “Never doubt that one person can make a difference.” ~Ingrid Newkirk

  5. Thank you Dr. Throckmorton for your efforts. I certainly look forward to viewing the documentary.

  6. Once again, Warren, thank you for being bold enough to speak Truth to Power.
    Thank you for fighting the good fight.

  7. Is this the government the American Sheeple want?
    I could have sworn we were better than this…

    1. To be fair to the American people, a majority would probably rather have something different. Perhaps the problem is that there are some who lust after power, and not enough co-ordinated opposition to them to stop them from getting it.

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