Want Mark Driscoll’s Autographed Sermon Notes? Sign UP!

Mark Driscoll (right); James MacDonald (left)

You know you want them. Pastor Mark’s signed notes are essential evangelical merch. All you have to do is add your email to Pastor Mark’s email list and you can have a chance to own these authentic notes the research for which may or may not have been paid for by Mars Hill Church.

No deadline is given, but don’t delay for as Driscoll 3:16 says, “I am the brand, and thou art not the brand.”

UPDATE: Rev. Driscoll removed the tweet sometime on 7/8 but never fear, it is screen captured below.


24 thoughts on “Want Mark Driscoll’s Autographed Sermon Notes? Sign UP!”

  1. That’s a clever way, I suppose, to get a list of names and email addresses of the faithful who are likely to be willing to donate to whatever cause Mark Driscoll espouses next. I hope nobody takes him up on the offer, but I’m sure there are enough unwary marks out there that Driscoll can find a way to turn a profit once he has a current list of followers–although why anyone would want Mark Driscoll’s sermon notes in the first place is beyond me.

    1. since Mark is closer to God than the rest of us, they may contain pixie dust

  2. Why do some people simply not understand that ‘lying low’ for a while is best for everyone?

    1. I beat you on that one by a few hours. MG is right, Mark is so bad that he is his own parody. An old friend of mine used to say that “sin makes you stupid.” There is a point where arrogance and conceit make you so blind that you can start doing things like this. This is one thing that I am thankful for in Driscoll’s case. You have to be trying very hard to bury your own head in the sand to not see at least some of the reality of how out of touch with reality this narcissist is.

  3. And the white washed septic tanks just keep trying to peddle garbage for Mammon. I wonder who Mark has been plagiarizing with these sermon notes? Theft is still a no-no on the 10 commandments the last time I checked. Selling what is not even his in the first place. We live in very odd times.

  4. For naive potential donors in Scottsdale and elsewhere, maybe this is just: “hey look at me distracting you from googling my serial abuses and destruction of Mars Hill Church” …?

  5. So I guess he’s no longer “grateful to be a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody”?

    1. Well, he certainly succeeded in telling everybody about his abusive Self. Mark Driscoll’s own words and actions have revealed all we need to know. Not sure how or why this fraud continues to find support.

    2. That didn’t last long, did it? It’s Mark Driscoll who has to be Somebody. Always has been.

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