Gospel for Asia Class Action Suit Claims Process is Now Open

I just saw the following notice which is relevant to donors to Gospel for Asia. The claims process for the $37 million settlement in Murphy v. GFA is now open.

Pursuant to the proposed class action settlement with Gospel for Asia (and the individual defendants), the claims process is now open. Class members should have received individual notice by mail and/or email from the Settlement Administrator, Heffler Claims Group.

Filing a claim is simple – either:
1. Complete and return the Official Claim Form included with the Notice; or
2. File your claim online at www.gfaclassaction.us

Both ask you to agree or disagree with the list of donations (provided to the Settlement Administrator from GFA) on the website. To review the list, click on the “Donations List” tab on the website and insert your Class Member ID (found on your claim form). If you cannot find your Class Member ID, you may contact the Settlement Administrator using the appropriate prompts on the website.

Importantly, the claim deadline is July 11, 2019.

Should you have any questions, you may contact the Settlement Administrator at (844) 367-8894.

Funds may be recovered via this action and donated to another organization. If you need a reminder of the problems at GFA, please see this post (and this one) and re-read the report of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Remember that the ECFA removed GFA from membership in October 2015 due to multiple violations of financial standards. GFA promised to seek reinstatement. However, it is now 2019 and GFA still has not done so.

8 thoughts on “Gospel for Asia Class Action Suit Claims Process is Now Open”

  1. Does anybody know when we’ll be notified of how much we get back and how many people opted in?

  2. The website is making it very difficult to file a claim. I didn’t get any written notification. So I don’t have a Settlement ID, which is required. I asked them to provide me with my ID. They responded with a generic answer that didn’t provide any information. I’ve just re-requested the information. It appears as though they are trying to limit the number of claims to avoid paying out claims.

    1. Not every donation is included in the class action. it’s certain donation codes.

    1. Is it me of is that completely stupid. They don’t have to settle next month. That’s $120 a person.

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