Gospel for Asia Drops Case Against Liability Insurance Company

In August 2018, I reported that Gospel for Asia sued Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company over unpaid attorney’s fees. GFA asserted that their legal costs should have been fully covered by Philadelphia. The insurance company countered that they paid all fees they were required to pay.  The defendant insurer argued consistently since August that the case should be dismissed.

Earlier this month, the case was dropped by GFA. According to a court filing dated January 2, 2019, GFA stipulated to the following:

Plaintiffs Gospel for Asia, Inc., K.P. Yohannan, Gisela Punnose, Daniel Punnose, David Carroll and Pat Emerick (hereinafter “Plaintiffs”), and Defendant Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company (“Defendant”), file this Stipulation of Dismissal under Fed. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(A)(ii).

1. Plaintiffs sued Defendant seeking damages under insurance related causes of action.

2. Plaintiffs wish to dismiss their claims against Defendant without prejudice.

Since the case was dismissed without prejudice, GFA could later bring an action. However, for now the suit is over. There is no way to tell if the insurer paid more money.  There is no hint or indication that the insurer budged on that point.

GFA’s class action fraud suit is slated to be tried this year.

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  1. Done some more digging around.
    The cross in a circle that the believers church use is a symbol used both by pagans and in witchcraft. It is called the “quartered cross” or “OX” as it is an X and o.
    Most if not all symbolism are occultic in nature and Christians need to stay well clear of them. Symbols exist because of the Tower of Babel. God confused the languages so the people used symbols to communicate with one another in defiance of God.
    Be wary of Christians who like adopting lots of symbolism. Logos is another word for word after all!

  2. Just figured something out. The cross in the circle used for the believers church and on the football team badge, NATO use a cross in a circle too.
    I don’t want to get too conspiratorial but if GFA is propped up by the Templars/Jesuits and have bank accounts in Switzerland then I don’t think there’s any hope of justice being served. I was thinking the other day that I hope KP is not a Freemason. If he’s in the brotherhood already then the whole idea of justice is sunk.
    I am hoping that he is still relatively small potatoes and isn’t in bed with any real powerhouses. If he IS in bed with the real power elite then I’m afraid he’ll get off Scot free. I figured out a long time ago that certain people are suddenly above the law and protected to the hilt. The “brotherhood” being a case in point.

  3. I’m still pinching myself over this. Is all this really real and happening.

    It seems as though there was a fraudulent appeal made 2005 due to the Sri Lankan Tsunami


    There seems to be so many different lies going on at so many different times that I am afraid that all these loose ends won’t be tied up in any meaningful way so that justice will prevail. I hope that justice will prevail.

  4. There are parallels between KP here and the other KingPin that Warren has been blogging about lately: JMac. In both cases these men have had so much success for such a long period of time that they actually start believing the b.s. that they tell everyone. They have created their own private kingdoms where they can have most anything that they want and others will bow over and worship them for their great personas that they put up. They get so used to everyone doing whatever they say without question, or they will be quickly fired, that they become so conceited that they actually think that the US Court system and those judges will do the same. How surprised these arrogant bozos are when they find out that the court does not perceive their greatness!
    It is likely this is also getting dropped because the lawyers for the defendants need to get ready for the trial. I fully expect those lawyers to file a bunch of b.s. motions at around the last minute to attempt to delay the trial anyway they possibly can for as long as they can. Also, KP is used to the corrupt courts of the third world where the richest guy can buy the courts favor and that is how things work. I fully expect KP to attempt to tamper with the jury. His high priced lawyers will not be involved in this, but the case is so open and shut that that is the only means that I can see where KP could get a hung jury. He is as guilty as the Devil himself. The evidence is overwhelming. This is why I am praying that God would expose everything that is going on behind closed doors in every country where this scam is currently operating. God cannot be mocked to this great extent as hundreds of millions have been re-routed into a business empire that has nothing to do with Christianity.

    1. I’ve been following the James MacDonald thing closely. I think GFA may have dropped the insurance company lawsuit for the same reason MacDonald dropped his against the Elephant’s Debt gang. MacDonald’s was in the discovery phase and the judge declined to make secret the documents he and the church would produce. In other words damning documents The Elephant’s Debt ppl could request would become public record.

  5. Given the flimsy basis of this case in their (fact-free and thus misnamed) “Statement of Facts”, I am entirely unsurprised by this outcome.

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