Eric Metaxas Defends Russian Agent; Says Maria Butina’s Plea Agreement Was Forced

David Barton (left) Eric Metaxas (right)

Eric Metaxas is coming to the defense of an admitted Russian spy, Maria Butina. Apparently, Metaxas doesn’t believe his former talk show guest is a spy. Rather, he believes the government threatened her with a year in solitary confinement which led her to a forced plea agreement. No word from Metaxas how he knows any of this. Here is his tweet disputing Butina’s plea agreement (see my post about her admission to spying for the Russian government).

Read Maria Butina’s Plea Agreement

For Metaxas to believe Butina’s agreement was forced, he has to believe the Dept. of Justice is incredibly corrupt. Butina was represented by counsel and agreed that she was an agent of Russia in violation of federal law.  Her plea agreement refers to various documents which they have in their possession. They have text messages and emails with the information described in the plea agreement.

I don’t know how Metaxas will explain Butina’s agreement. Did the DOJ kidnap this girl and pin an espionage charge on her? Did the DOJ make up all of these events and communications? Did they really threaten to keep her in solitary confinement for a year if she refused to sign a false statement? Is her attorney in on the conspiracy too?


7 thoughts on “Eric Metaxas Defends Russian Agent; Says Maria Butina’s Plea Agreement Was Forced”

  1. I don’t follow Metaxas closely – my blood pressure couldn’t take it – but he obviously went full MAGA, and now he has entered the world of right-wing denial.

    I have been laughing out loud as the Republicans have demonstrated, repeatedly, a complete ignorance of actual law enforcement and how the FBI works. That any Republican congressman could claim that the FBI was in the tank for Hillary Clinton is beyond absurd, it is ignorant. I can’t think of any FBI agent I ever knew, save one, who would even consider voting for a Democrat, let alone Hillary. Metaxas’ cluelessness as to how the federal system works is, in this context, sadly unsurprising.

    Well, he’s all in now. Just in time to see it all fall apart.

  2. It is truly astonishing how in the Trump era law-and-order conservatives have made law enforcement the demons and the crooks the heroes. Wild!

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