K.P. Yohannan Gives Himself a New Name

K.P. Yohannan has taken on a fancy new name in his role as head of Believers’ Eastern Church. The K.P. formerly known as Metropolitan will now be known as Moran Mor Athanasius Yohan Metropolitan. The reason for the change is described on the church Facebook page:

I wonder if they kept the same secret handshake and hand kissing ceremony.

Mor in Syriac is a title of Lordship or sainthood. Various eastern churches use Mor and/or Moran in titles of religious leaders and Believers’ Church has followed the pattern.

Whatever he is called, he will still have to face a class action RICO suit in federal court and perhaps more over the next year or so as various cases and investigations progress in the U.S. and perhaps in Canada.



13 thoughts on “K.P. Yohannan Gives Himself a New Name”

  1. Looks like another sign that KP’s ego is completely flying off in space somewhere. I think he is trying to compete with Satan at this point for the most ridiculous title to give himself. What I am much more interested in though is that today was the deadline set by Judge Brooks for the notifications to be sent out. I am curious about what did or did not happen surrounding that deadline…

    1. Was today the deadline for notifications or the deadline for the plan for notifications to be presented to the court?

        1. Yes, but what was it a deadline for? Were notifications to be sent on that date? Or was that the date to tell the court how notification would be given?

          1. With lawyers, frequently the strategy is delay, delay, delay. People lose interest, move, die, are bought off, etc.

            It’s been how many YEARS already ?
            Meanwhile, ‘ol KP just keeps raking in the dough.
            Give a few thousand here and there to earthquake or flood victims, build a school or church here and there, but it’s all about maintaining the business.

        2. I have something coming on this, but the short answer is the Judge approved the plan to alert the class. It is all moving forward.

  2. As a graduate of St. Athanasius elementary school, I am offended.

    from the comments on the facebook page, it would appear he is still raking in the dough. sad.

    1. The ones commenting work for KP in some capacity. (Bridge of Hope or Believers Church in another area.) A few are not workers but am sure they are accomplices in some way. They scratch each other’s backs. Would not be suprised if some of them help KP to funnel money into India.

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