Gospel for Asia Continues to Raise Money for Flood Relief Without Saying How the Funds Will Get to the Needy

A month ago, I asked Gospel for Asia how they planned to distribute donor funds to flood victims in Kerala, India. In 2017, Gospel for Asia’s comparable organization in India (now called Ayana Charitable Trust) and their ecclesiastical arm (Believer’s Church) lost registration with the Indian government to accept foreign contributions. Thus, these groups can’t accept any of the funds now being raised by K.P. Yohannan from foreign donors. GFA very deliberately is raising these funds on the organization website and on social media. If GFA is giving these funds to another nonprofit in India, why can’t GFA simply inform the donor public about this?

When I asked GFA’s public relations firm, I was told:

GFA has headquarters in Kerala, India. Volunteers are actively rescuing, feeding those affected by flooding and providing other supplies.

However, InChrist Communications did not respond when I asked how those headquarters could accept funds when the registration to accept foreign funds had been revoked.

The later a friend of the blog was told that funds were being sent to Believers’ Church in India. Furthermore, the GFA representative said it could not be guaranteed that the donated funds would actually get to flood victims since GFA has no control over Believers’ Church. Actually, this explanation doesn’t make sense because Believers’ Church cannot legally accept foreign contributions.

Saying One Thing and Doing Another

When Compassion International lost their registration with the Indian government, they left the country. GFA has never addressed their loss of registration, nor why they continue to raise funds to send to India when the organizations they claim to support can’t take them. This is an issue for more than flood support. GFA has continued to raise support for sponsored children, missionaries, and all sorts of activities. GFA is telling the public they are doing something that the Indian government says can’t be done. If GFA is getting donor funds to the intended targets, GFA should disclose how they are doing that.

It is a mystery to me why investigative reporters have not taken up this issue. If there is an easy way around this issue, then why didn’t Compassion International use it? While there may an explanation, given GFA’s size and current legal difficulties, it seems like they should have to be more accountable.

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Image Fair use, GFA Facebook page

36 thoughts on “Gospel for Asia Continues to Raise Money for Flood Relief Without Saying How the Funds Will Get to the Needy”

        1. If they wanted to move more conservative, they could have transferred him to the Progressive channel (although that wouldn’t be entirely accurate). Or they could have left the old posts up and let him post an “I’m moving, here’s my new blog” post. If they’d done either of those, I could respect that.
          Simply shutting down his blog and removing the posts without significant advance warning was unimpressive, however.

  1. I’m aware of the enshrinement into law of “Innocent until proven guilty” in the US, but what Gospel for Asia is doing looks very like a scam. If I had been sending them money, thinking it would go for flood relief or other good works (which I have not), I would send no more until they were able to show that my donation was going to people in need, and not, say, to pay GFA’s legal bills or fatten their bank accounts.This smells like dead fish. How are they getting away with it?

    1. Kerala which is called God’s own Country also has this reputation of being the state with the highest hawala ***(The word “Hawala” means trust. Its is an alternative or parallel remittance system, which works outside the circle of banks and formal financial systems. Hawala is an ancient system of money transfer which originated in South Asia and is now being used across the globe. This system mainly developed in India, before the introduction of western banking practices. It is also sometimes referred to as “Underground Banking”.)*** remittance in the country. Yesterday we explained to our readers the definition of hawala and its code. Today in the second part of this series we tell you the horrific state of affairs prevailing in Kerala and how it went on to become the hawala capital of the world.->oneindia news


      1. Thank you. That was really interesting. Every economy, I’m sure, has its own underground version, but I had no idea that India’s was so organized–particularly in Kerala. Do you believe that GFA is somehow involved in this to get smuggled(?) foreign funds to recipients?

        1. No proof but KP has connections in the UAE. There was an article in a Middle East paper in the past that KP had his house searched for Middle East money..don’t know the name of the money off the top of my head.GFA was also involve in smurfing in the USA so the tendency to find alternative ways to get money from point A to B has been established practices. India is a very corrupt country and even Christians get involved. See many Christians in India will compare themselves to other corrupt people and they are not as corrupt. They avoid comparing themselves to scripture as a standard. Another mindset is they tell themselves that they are doing it for the Gospel so it is OK. A lot of rubbish can be justified under charity or religion.

  2. In theory, GFA USA might still be able to transfer monies to one of the shell corporations that have not been prohibited from accepting foreign funds, like the Rehaboth Indian Gypsy New Life Trust or Shekina Prophetic Mission Trust. They have at least 9 such LLCs in India.

    The problem is, that just like GFA USA’s 12 LLC shell corps scattered across DFW, these shell corps on both sides of the planet have virtually no substance. They have mailing addresses and bank accounts, but no offices or employees. They simply serve to pass through funds. Sort of like your basic money laundering operations found across the globe, although many of those at least bother to put up a front of some basic form of operations such as gaming arcades, pubs, car washes, nail salons, waste management, construction companies, etc. It is, after all, a bit brazen to just leave it as a PO Box and bank account.

    However, according to FCRA regulations, Believers Church, which is the entity that GFA uses to reach the needy with relief aid, is NOT able to receive ANY foreign contributions, not even when passed through GFA’s Indian shell corps. So, legally, GFA cannot get flood relief to the victims in a meaningful way, at this time.

    So why bother with all the flood relief fundraising efforts? GFA’s legal fees have been mounting steadily. They went with the Mercedes of legal representation in Texas and most of these bills are not being reimbursed by their insurance carriers. Now they will have the added burden of the Special Master expense. The Special Master will have to have their forensic accountants go through over a MILLION records. The legal fees, even at Locke Lord, were nothing compared to what they will have to pay for all of the forensic work still required.

    GFA brought all of this on themselves. The Special Master was only assigned after GFA repeatedly failed, for several consecutive months, to provide supporting documentation proving that they spent their hundreds of millions of dollars in donations in accordance with donors’ designations.

    With other options available to the public, it is amazing that anyone would consider continuing to support a group who cannot legally get financial aid into India at this time. Donors who continue to support non-profits who behave badly end up encouraging more con artists to be drawn to this industry. Even if they do not want to practice good fiduciary responsibility personally, you would think they would stop the donations so that their kids and grandkids aren’t overwhelmed by an industry fraught with con artistry and grift. We owe the next generation better.

    1. GWInsida:

      You mentioned on another thread that Pat Emerick is back in the US. What’s the deal?

      Was the heat turned up in Canada? Short of a major move by Revenue Canada, we’d have no way of knowing.

      When did he go home to the US? What is he up to and who replaced him in Canada?

      1. Sorry for the delay. I heard from a reliable source that Canada deported him. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) still have an open investigation on GFA Canada, as does the U.S. for GFA USA. Canadian authorities would not disclose any details regarding the deportation due to “privacy considerations” but Emerick’s departure was not planned. Hope that helps.

        1. No worries. Thanks for responding.

          The RCMP could be involved in a Canada Revenue investigation if they were called in by Canada Revenue Agency Criminal Investigations Program.
          Pastor Bruce Morrison did file a complaint with the RCMP, as well as with Rev Can.
          No way of knowing if there were/are parallel investigations going on.

          Privacy concerns are a big deal, and short of charges being laid in Canada, there would not be information released.

          I’m wondering if the RCMP be involved in seeing Emerick left Canada because of the US court case.

          The GFA World information at the Charities Directorate – Canada Revenue Agency hasn’t been changed. Don’t think it has to be on the 2017 tax return for GFA World. Emerick isn’t listed on the public information filed with Corporations Canada, so no change there.

          So that’s two execs sidelined – David Carroll and Pat Emerick – unless Emerick is running the Cdn operation from Texas.

          As an aside, those weirdly named corporations GFA Canada set up and closed now make more sense.
          And I wonder what’s going on with GFA and the UK Charity Commission.

          1. I have several reliable sources within GFA. It really should be to no ones amazement Emerick’s application for landed status was denied. He was in Canada for 10 years as a US transplant to fill a void which could have and should have been filled internally when the former director left. There was no reason Canadian Immigration should have allowed him to stay when the role can be filled by a Canadian. It’s that simple. There is an RCMP investigation but whether it is on going or not is anyone’s guess. The RCMP investigation started in 2015 and a number of people have been interviewed. I know former Canadian staff, the former Canadian Director, and former Canadian board members have all been interviewed by the RCMP. It’s either one long investigation or the RCMP did not believe there was enough evidence to continue. Time will tell.

          2. Thanks, but I would really rather remain anonymous. I’m sure you must have names of former Canadian staff members and can contact them directly.

    2. Isn’t GFA still taking in about $50 million per year? That is a lot of money for legal bills. Why do something so brazen like collecting for causes that you cannot forward the money to? This could become a criminal fraud case. Perhaps this has more to do with K.P’s mental health, or lack thereof.

      1. God will not be mocked. All of this will end up badly for KP and family. The process is taking time. KP is nearing the end of his life at his age. Men like this do not believe in a judgment and have no fear of God. Soon he will find out how very wrong he is about all of that. I believe that from God’s point of view, using the name of Jesus Christ in order to create your own cult of personality, where men give you the devotion and worship, is the highest crime that there is and is exactly the type of crime Satan has done. KP will be among the most severely judged of all mankind. As Jesus said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?”

      2. The last I heard, it was about that. Perhaps it’s been declining as the civil case wears on. I believe that KP knows exactly what he is doing. He is one of the most shrewd and calculating showmen/fundraisers in the industry. He simply has not been called out on any of this for the last 35+ years, so he isn’t handling this confrontation very well. The wheels of justice turn very, very slowly. But they do turn. Stay tuned….

    3. KP can use any organization that has the permission of the government to accept foreign funds. I think Believers Church is partners with other organizations Any staff member could have a charity in India.. They only have to be in operation for three years before the government will give them the right to funnel funds to India. If KP palms the gov they will speed up the process. I am sure he is taking that money and bringing it to India. He is getting almost 73 rupees to the dollar right now. Exchange rate is favorable. This guy is all about making money. I hope the Special Master toasts his bum!! The fact that no one else bothers to cover this fraud is appalling. Thanks you WT for keeping the flame going!

      1. Thanks. I am aware GFA can send it to other groups but they aren’t telling U.S. donors that. They are telling them it is going to Believers’ Church directly. It can’t be. They need to fess up about how they are getting money there.

          1. Ping the money to an organization in UAE or Hong Kong then on to India. Loads of Keralites in UAE. No one can trace a KP transaction to India if under a different name. These are very clever people. You all are not thinking Indian. Keep up the pressure Dr. T. Thank you.

          2. I really wish someone in this group would call up GFA & say they want to donate to the Kerala flood victims but calling to make sure GFA could still get funds to India.

          3. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but we still have to be convinced that GFA are liars and thieves? I am really shocked. Your work has proven over and over again these people can’t be trusted. They are facing RICO charges. They had their ability to get foreign funds in India revoked. I can’t believe that Westerners still give these people money!! I think more work needs to be done to get the word out far and wide. What can be done to achieve this?

          4. After all the unlawful stuff that Dr. Throckmorton has exposed about GFA, you really think they will be honest with you over the phone? How would you ever check in India to make sure they are telling the truth?? I am not sure I would ever expect a liar to be honest or transparent. You can certainly try if you wish though.

          5. I believe her intent was to find out how they try to explain the situation, not seriously intending to give money.

            It’s possible the person who answers the phone won’t know they don’t have an FCRA license. Word got out that they had lost their licenses, so staff probably heard about it at the time, but it was being explained as a temporary issue that would be resolved as soon as they submitted more paperwork, and that everything would be fine in a week or two. There’s been no news on the subject, so it’s probably just been forgotten by the majority of staff. Those who ask too many questions are already gone.

          6. Yes basically MG, I just want someone to be snarky for me! Poop, of course they will lie. I’d just be curious to hear what they would say & hopefully hear some verbal squirming. I’d call myself but I’m such a bad BS’er they’d figure me out.

          7. I wrote to them a couple of times and called. They said they would have to get back to me, but they never did. I imagine that is their tactic with others. They only want donations from those willing to write checks and never ask any questions.

          8. I am not sure Churches are able to register._—-> Any organization, which has a ‘definite cultural, economic, educational, religious or social program’, is covered by FCRA.(Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1976) For practical purposes, this definition covers all NGOs and also the unregistered societies like Mahila Mandals. NGO with FCRA registration or prior permission should not give FCRA funds to NGOs which do not have FCRA registration or prior-permission.(BASED ON THIS STATEMENT IT IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR GFA TO GIVE FUNDS TO BELIEVERS CHURCH. UNLESS BELIEVERS CHURCH IS ALLOWED TO GET FUNDS EACH TIME WITH PERMISSION FROM THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT. IF BC CHURCH HAS NO PERMISSION THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW BY ACCEPTING FOREIGN FUNDS.) NRI *non resident Indian–which I bet KP qualifies for. He also could be OCI-Overseas Citizen of India* donations to an Indian NGO may be Indian funds or FC funds. If the NRI holds an Indian passport, then the donation will be Indian funds. If not, then these will be FC funds. The type of bank account or currency does not matter. <----- An organization has to be actively operating for three years before the Indian government will give permission to receive foreign funds.(Course giving a gift can speed up the permission and not giving a gift can slow it down.) This means they have to be doing some sort of charity work that benefits Indians. I doubt just having church services will qualify. The new catagory that has popped up is a Charitable business (Section 8 business) . Even some activities that a Section 8 business does is subject to taxes. I believe one item is they can't take in more than 20 something lakh.(Rounding figures here.) https://www.nonprofitngo.com/ngo-fundraising/types-of-fundraising/foreign-fundraising-fcra.html

          9. Believers’ Church has specifically been deregistered. Look them up on the list of groups which lost their registration. It happened in 2017.

          10. Didn’t know that. They can’t accept foreign funds UNLESS they get permission for each transaction. This is what happened to Compassion and they decided they didn’t want to go to the government for each transaction. Don’t blame them. If no permission then KP has to bring in money as personal funds. They can wire it to a country and someone can walk it in. Could be someone in India is looking the other way if wired in. Never know. Course if KP is doing any of the above Western Christians should be very concerned that KP is under investigation and also thumbing his nose to legalities. This would indicate a sick criminal mind. Reminds me of the movie Catch Me If You Can. I am getting more and more concerned that Western Christians and media are not covering this! Why is this?

        1. More on this to shed some insight. Not sure if this still holds true or not. This was back in Aug.
          Beginning with an aid offer of Rs 700 crore from the United Arab Emirates, there is rush for financial assistance from countries where Keralites are living in some numbers. The money is being offered for rehabilitation of the victims of Kerala floods and reconstruction of public properties damaged due to the monsoon fury.

          Besides UAE, Sharjah city has offered a separate financial aid of Rs 4 crore. Qatar has offered a help of Rs 35 crore. Maldives has also offered some help. But, the Indian government has decided to refuse any help to deal with the post-flood reconstruction and rehabilitation process.

          The decision of the Modi government has been questioned by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. But the Modi government is actually following a policy adopted by the previous Manmohan Singh government. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/kerala-floods-why-india-is-not-accepting-foreign-funds-1321706-2018-08-23

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