Donald Drains the Swamp – New Book by Eric Metaxas

After books on Christian heavyweights Bonhoeffer and Luther, Eric Metaxas tackles the heaviest weight of them all – Donald the Caveman. I haven’t seen a pre-publication copy as yet, but I can only imagine the wonders within this prehistoric prose.

I do wonder how Metaxas will delicately handle a full treatment of Donald the Caveman’s swamp draining. How, for instance, will he depict the Access Hollywood episode and all that grabbing?

The Stormy Daniels payoff chapter should be a delicate one for a children’s book. Maybe the book will carry a parent’s advisory.

Will there be an entire chapter on Donald the Cavemen’s golf escapades? You have to fill the swamp before you can drain it, I guess.

How about a chapter about the S***hole countries, the very fine neo-Nazis, John Dean the rat, our allies the enemies, and his good friend and mentor Vlad.

Should be amazing.

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Fair use of image from Amazon book page.

17 thoughts on “Donald Drains the Swamp – New Book by Eric Metaxas”

  1. Based on the wording/style of the cover, I’m guessing Metaxas understands the education level of his target audience.

  2. So. Much. More.
    9. Appoint multiple advisers who very shortly end up in jail for things like lying to the FBI or committing financial crimes.
    10. Defend one such adviser by saying, “He happens to be a very good person.” Despite the fact that court records show that he look like a life time scam artist and will probably be convicted.
    11. Appoint multiple people to posts who then have to resign after it’s discovered they’ve published or have recorded racist comments in the past.
    12. Appoint Omarosa to a White House job she is completely unqualified for because “She said great things about me.”
    13. Do things like put a coal lobbyist in charge of the EPA after the previous one resigned due to many and repeated ethics violations. Appoint someone head of the department of energy who wants to abolish it. Appoint someone to head HUD who has no experience running an organization and doesn’t know what HUD does.
    14. Use the presidential pardon power on political allies and signal to others close to him charged with crimes that he might do the same for them. What accountability?
    15. Waste money on a voter fraud commission to pursue a vanity project based on a conspiracy about losing the popular vote. The commission produces no evidence and is disbanded. The commission head, back in his home state, gets found guilty of contempt for repeatedly disobeying the judge in a case where he inappropriate purged voter rolls.
    16. Uses Fox and Friends and Sean Hannity as his unofficial advisers. Trusts them over this own intelligence staff and let’s their stories drive his daily agenda. Also, hires multiple people direct from Fox News to his staff because they look good on TV.

    1. Such leftist hyperbole! These items (singularly or collectively) is extremely minor when compared to Obama and Hillary.

      1. ….Says the person who neither disputes the claims I’ve made or offers evidence “These items (singularly or collectively) is extremely minor when compared to Obama and Hillary.”.

        Even if you were right, which you haven’t even indicated specifically what you are talking about, you think that both sides do it justifies your side doing bad things? Don’t we teach our kids that two wrongs don’t make a right? Unless you are a small child, I think you have give yourself a long look in the mirror.

        Let’s forget about political affiliation for a minute. Tell me someone appointing racists to political positions is not wrong. I can give you many examples. Tell me hiring unqualified people is not wrong. I can give you many examples of that. Tell me pardoning people who are clearly guilty but who’s politics you agree with is not wrong. I can give you examples of this. Tell me claiming you lost an election due to voter fraud, despite having no evidence and wasting money to investigate the claim which also turns up no evidence is not wrong. This is what third world dictators do. Tell me using television talk show hosts who have no expertise as advisers, who then go on TV and defend your policies as defacto state run media is not wrong.

        Obama has indeed done a couple of these things and I’m sure you were outraged by it when it happened. Where is your outrage now? And would it be ok if Obama did it because “These items (singularly or collectively) is extremely minor when compared to Bush and Cheney”?

        1. Trump NEVER received a “Honeymoon” like prior president’s did– from
          even before being Inaugurated – left wants to Impeach Trump.Leftists are the one’s disputing the election result –the “Resistance”, Impeach 45, etc. News flash –TRUMP WON! Voter fraud was invented by the left– see Chicago 1960, etc.

          Racists to political positions? Like who? Everyone who disagrees with the left is labelled a racist. What about record low unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics! What about efforts to end Opioid smuggling + sales, and prison/ sentencing reform -which left always clams disproportionately affect minorities? Hard to imagine anyone more racially divisive that Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Maxine Waters and other leftists.

          Guess you just do not want people in the coal industry to prosper? Coal miners do not deserve to have jobs! More leftist silly hyperbole that the world will end due to global warming( now left climate change- everyone knows the the climate always changes- another leftist oxymoron- what’s the impact?) Al Gore said the world would end five years ago – now he’s giving us 5 more years. Oh boy what a relief!

          Yes, Obama never took advice/ listened to any unqualified people– Al Sharpton, Bill Ayers, Beonce, even the great Katie Perry !

          Don’t even start about abusing the pardon system– you’ll make me look up who Obama+ Bill C pardoned– some real winners!

          Simple truth is that you hallucinate that Obama the dictator, ( no president has more abused his executive power) was successful — reality was a failure on almost every level – both domestically and in foreign policy. handed billions to Iran, sold Uranium to Russia,had FBI stop investigation on Hillary who destroyed evidence in response to Congressional subpoena, etc. That’s what “Third World dictators do!

          Never claimed Trump is perfect– but he is a boy scout compared to the corrupt and lawless dens.

          Talk show hosts without any expertise– guess you must watch a lot of CNN + MSNBC

          Don’t waste my time with your drivel — you just irrationally hate anyone who wants to even begin to clean up the modern sewer we call WASHINGTON D.C.

          God Bless Donald Trump + God Bless America!

  3. I dunno- I think calling the president* a “caveman” is really unfair to him. After all- the real Donald goes everywhere (except golf) in a suit- and seems truly in love with that big black mobster overcoat that he hulks around in most of the year. I suggest Mr. Metaxas rework his little tome- and call it “Donald the Don” – a children’s tale about a Mafioso with a heart of stone- but dipped in shiny electroplate brass.

  4. I don’t think that when they say “What about the children?”, this is what they have in mind.

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