Comeback Trail: Tullian Tchividjian’s Out of Print Book Republished by Fortress Press

Tullian Tchividjian is coming back with a new edition of his book Jesus + Nothing = Everything. The press release announcing the book just came out and is below. It was released first to Publisher’s Weekly. That publication has a story up about it here.

Fortress Press Brings Best-Selling Author Back to Print

Tullian Tchividjian had sold over 80,000 copies of Jesus + Nothing = Everything when his life and ministry fell apart; now Fortress Press is publishing a new edition of that book.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Tullian Tchividjian, a grandson of Billy Graham, was the pastor of a Florida megachurch when he lost everything in 2015 due to his marital infidelity. When his infidelity surfaced, Tchividjian lost his ministry, and his best-selling book Jesus + Nothing = Everything was taken out of print. After careful consultation with his pastoral counselor and other mentors, Fortress Press is confident that Tchividjian has repented of his past indiscretions and has put himself under the authority of trusted Christian leaders.

“The mission of our organization includes the phrase, ‘to communicate the liberating grace of God,’ and therefore we believe in second chances,” said Tony Jones, senior acquisitions editor at Fortress Press. “None of us is without sin, and Tullian’s message of the radical grace of God is more applicable now than ever—he even needs to hear it himself!”

Jesus + Nothing = Everything is a book I poured my heart and soul into, and it’s helped a lot of people, including me,” said Tchividjian. “I believe—and need!—the message of this book even more now than when I first wrote it. My wife and I have received hundreds of requests for Jesus+ Nothing = Everything, so I’m extremely grateful that Fortress Press is republishing it.”

Fortress Press plans to release Jesus + Nothing = Everything in Fall 2018, featuring a new introduction from the author, addressing what has happened in his life since the book was originally published and how the message of God’s grace has sustained him over the past three years and continues to sustain him daily.

An interesting blast from the past is to note that the individual who sent this presser is Tony Jones. Jones, no stranger to controversy himself, was once a fellow Patheos blogger and is now the Director of Acquisitions at Fortress Press. Unlike my blog, his is still up at Patheos, although he doesn’t contribute to it. He then moved it here but apparently doesn’t write much there either.

This book was once published by Crossway Books but when the news of Tchividjian’s affairs surfaced, the rights to the book went back to Tchividjian. It has been out of print since then.