The American Lawyer Reports Gospel for Asia’s Sanctions

Given the size of Gospel for Asia, I expected Christian media to report on the sanction imposed on GFA by federal Judge Timothy Brooks in the RICO lawsuit last week. Judge Brooks scolded GFA’s lawyers for abusing the process and for treating discovery as a “shell game.” He announced his plan to appoint a Special Master to oversee the discovery process in the case.

Outside of this blog, the only other coverage of Judge Brooks’ drastic action is in the American Lawyer. This publication focused on the fact that the legal team representing GFA is fronted by high profile attorney and former Bush administration Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers.

GFA issued a terse statement to the publication, saying that they strongly disagreed with the Court’s rulings.

The article neatly summarizes the case as well as GFA’s stall tactics up to now. Regular readers should be familiar with the details but give the American Lawyer some love and move on over to check it out.

9 thoughts on “The American Lawyer Reports Gospel for Asia’s Sanctions”

  1. If you put – Harriet Miers’ Nonprofit Client Hit With Discovery Abuse Sanctions – in your URL bar, it will come up in search. Hit the little arrow for cached and you can read it.

    Or, maybe Dr. Throckmorton can ask for an accessible link.:^)

    It’s a straight forward summary of the reasoning for the sanctions.

      1. “Gospel designed for Asia Inc.” … some fascinating translations in this version!

        In an unrelated story from this site … “obtained a $125 million backup fee from the condition of Minnesota in its environmental suit”. Sounds like Minnesota is in a real state ….

  2. I have been wondering why no Christian news outlets have been covering this. Is it because they are afraid that a significant part of their ad income is coming from sources that are just as slimy? Mammon makes everything go around. Are they afraid that we donors are going to find out that we are being lied to not just by GFA, but by also by many other “Christian” non-profits? There has to be a reason for this. A fake charity screwing donors out of hundreds of millions of dollars is big news, or so I would think? Do Christians really care so little about this?

    1. Could be some don’t know. That doesn’t really seem like a good explanation for all of them, though.

  3. I tried to “give the American Lawyer some love” but they wanted cash!

      1. You might have to put the GFA statement in an updated version of this post so others can see it who do not subscribe to the AL.

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