30 thoughts on “Caption Contest: Trump and Macron”

  1. Macron: “Can you believe this? I paid to attend Trump University and all I got was a photo with a Trump cardboard cutout!”

  2. “Welcome to the G6 + the 1 who doesn’t count anymore.’

    ‘Who invited this weapons grade plum?’ (Borrowed from the Scottish Tweets against Trump. It was one of the few printable ones for Dr. T’s blog.)

  3. (It’s to the point where I’m having a hard time seeing the humor in what this dotard does… He and his minions are out to ruin the country to their own benefit, and 62,985,134 of my fellow countrymen just don’t care. This is depressing…)

  4. Is this what it felt like on the Titanic, cracking jokes to keep from noticing the cold darkness encroaching from below? That’s not a caption, I’m just asking.

  5. Hello Mr Men in White Coats, please take this abusive and senile old geezer back to his retirement community where he belongs, he’s disrupting the G7.

  6. You had 150 million of your fellow Americans to choose from, and this was all you could come up with…?

    1. Given the size of Trump’s hands, my 12 year old nephew could likely win at that one.

  7. Macron had to put on a dress shirt, tie and jacket covering the tee shirt that says:

    “<– I'm with stupid"

    (And Trump's expression fits that context perfectly.)

  8. One one hand, France and the United States have enjoyed a long historical relationship and alliance going back to the birth of the American nation. On the other hand . . .

  9. Macron: “Madame Tussauds has really outdone itself! However, the necktie isn’t long enough.”

  10. Donald: “No, I don’t want to do the Smothers Brothers skit with you. But Mom did love me best”.

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