Trump Supporter Hates on Cherokees, Mormons, and Slavs on National TV During Phoenix Speech

At the Phoenix Trump rally, the guy in the red circle below has a shirt on which advertises websites called and When clicked, the websites go to The website targets Cherokees as the KKK, and blames Mormons and Slavs for many things, although it is hard to follow the whole thing. It is mostly an incoherent mess.
Trump said hate has no place in America. But apparently, it has a place at his rally.
trump supporter 5
So I went to the website and it is a pretty strange space. Here is the first message there:
Gods2 excerpt
Cherokees? The real KKK is made up of Native American Cherokees? So says the man within a few feet from the president.
Also, Mormons are apparently blocking something:
Gods2 mormons
Apparently Trump doesn’t screen his stage supporters very well.
Even though I am watching the speech, I can’t believe I am listening to the president of the United States.
Apparently, this guy has quite a past and shows up at all Trump rallies (source).