Daily Stormer: Stephen Bannon is 100% Our Guy; His Idea to Omit Jews from Holocaust Proclamation

I am not saying that Stephen Bannon would approve of this but I think he should go out of his way to denounce it if he doesn’t. Here is Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer on Bannon and Trump’s Holocaust proclamation (which didn’t include any reference to Jews being the principle target of the Holocaust).

For the most part, Donald Trump does not have any strong beliefs. That is to say, no specific strong beliefs. He wants to bring the people together and make America great again, and he wants to take the best path possible to that goal.
As such, it is extremely important that he is surrounded by the best people possible. And Bannon is the best man possible. He is 100% /ourguy/. Who do you think came up with the idea of writing a Holocaust Day message that didn’t include any mention of the Jews? That’s not something Trump thought of himself, and it certainly isn’t something that could have been done by accident.
The more Bannon we get, the better. Just as the less Kushner we get, the better.

Perhaps Bannon doesn’t care about what is said about him. And for most people, that isn’t a completely bad idea. However, when you advise the president and sit on the National Security Council, there is a higher standard. While I am not prepared to believe Bannon is affiliated with neo-Nazi groups, I also think vigilance is necessary given the administration’s mixed signals and confused message.