Eric Metaxas, Donald Trump, and Samson

Election season just makes everybody a little silly. Like this:

Metaxas linked to an article that makes a case Trump is like Samson.

He doesn’t drink wine, he has a tendency to lie, he has a weakness for women and his hair is sort of a big deal. No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump.
I’m referring to Samson, God’s appointed judge over Israel.

I don’t know who wrote this but I suppose it could be a spoof. I am pretty sure Metaxas takes this as some kind of serious commentary.

According to Scripture, the kings of ancient Babylon and Persia – Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus – believed in God. One sinned mightily on numerous occasions; the other was “appointed” by God. Both served God’s purpose of preserving His people.
Of course, as disciples of Christ, we should all be striving to appoint leaders who are morally upright and sound in spirit. Our mission in life is to bring sinners to Jesus, so it would be nice to have a righteous ruler who loudly echoed our message. But what about Samson? He turned to the Lord in the closing moments of his life, but where was his godly and spiritual example – as judge over Israel – the other years of his life?
Donald Trump is a sinner.
Donald Trump is not perfect.
Donald Trump is not a great spiritual role model.
Check, check and check. Now let’s look at his policies:

Yes, now let’s look at his policies.
He wants to open up libel laws to make it easier to sue reporters
He wants to sharply limit free trade
He wants to penalize American companies who make things overseas and sell them in the U.S.
He has advocated torture and wants to change laws to allow torture.
He wants to create a deportation force to round up 11 million people costing the economy 300 billion.
He wants to lower tax rates on the wealthy without commensurate relief to middle income earners.
And so on…