Fact Free Fun Fact Courtesy of Eric Metaxas: A Vote for Johnson is a Vote for Clinton

Dietrich Bonhoeffer biographer and Trump supporter Eric Metaxas goes fact free today. To wit:

In fact, a vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson. Furthermore, according to Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight.com, Trump benefits when Johnson is thrown into polling preferences.

Overall, including third-party candidates takes about 1 percentage point away from Clinton’s margin, on average.

Even Trump’s megaphone Breitbart News headlined in June: Polls: Libertarian Gary Johnson Will Likely Hurt Hillary Clinton More Than Donald Trump
Metaxas didn’t get much support for his #funfact.

#funopinion – Evangelicals like Metaxas, David Barton, James Jeremiah, and Franklin Graham are being played. Trump still cozying up to Putin after Putin’s Russia imposed restrictions on religious liberty. Why aren’t evangelicals going ballistic over it? Instead of looking the other way or placating Trump, evangelical leaders should be denouncing Putin’s moves and should denounce Trump for his silence.