David Barton Promotes Seven Mountains Dominionism Through Schools of Government

In the recent sales pitch to representatives from Gateway Church, David Barton commented on the schools of Government he has helped establish at Charis Bible College and Ecclesia College. Watch:


In the last two– in the last year we’ve had two Christian colleges come to us and say, ‘Hey we want to do a School of Government. Will you guys do our School of Government?’ And so, all right, I can do that, cuz I’ve been in politics a long time. I’ve recruited thousands of people for office, trained– I’ve recruited hundreds, trained thousands. And what we did, so you know, we’ve got a lot of people in office, like those two senators I mentioned, we don’t want anything like that coming out of these colleges. So what we do at the whole. There’s five levels to what we do.
The first level is nothing but biblical world view. You’re going to understand the Bible applies to every issue. You’re going to be able to show us what the Bible says about capital gains tax, about estate taxes, about progressive taxes, capitation. You are going to show us what the Bible says about social programs, ya know, we are going to get biblical worldview down.
Once we do that, we’re going to get American history down. American history you think is secular. We’re going to show you that it’s God-filled. The third thing we do is we’re going to show you what the Bible says about government in general, and the fourth thing is we’re going to teach you the Constitution, and the fifth is we’ll show you how to get elected.
Now I don’t want you close to office if you don’t have those other foundations. And so that’s what we try to do in that holistic view is we want a biblical foundation, biblical thinking. From that, we’ll look at history, and from that, we’ll look at how that applies to our involvement in the Seven Mountain philosophy, whether that be business, or media, entertainment, the judiciary, whatever it is. We want people in those seven mountains, but we want to have them having the right view of God, and history, and the Bible. And so that’s what we try to do with all of those, is-is pull all of those together, if that makes sense.

I think Barton should call his schools: the Anti-Federalist School of Government. It was the anti-federalists who believed the Constitution should have included a connection to God and the Bible.
In any event, those who deny dominionism should take a look at this. Barton’s goal is to train future politicians in the teaching that Christians should be setting the tone in all areas of life so that they can legislate Christian answers to political issues.