Finally Disclosed, David Barton's List of Recommended Colleges

In 2013 when David Barton first launched his war on Christian colleges, he declared that he worked with and approved about a dozen Christian colleges. At the time, he didn’t make a list of them. Messiah College history professor John Fea also speculated about the list but we couldn’t come up with a dozen.
Now we don’t have to guess. Earlier this month, Barton listed them (a dozen!) on a new FAQ page and here they are:

What colleges or universities does WallBuilders recommend?
There are many good institutions of higher learning whose educational approach is not only academically excellent but is also consistent with traditional conservative moral, religious, and constitutional values. The listings below include some of these schools. (Recommendations do not necessarily mean that WallBuilders agrees with everything taught at these schools, nor with every professor who teaches there.) This list is definitely not exhaustive, but it does include many schools with whom we have actively cooperated.

I am surprised that Oklahoma Wesleyan University is not there. In 2013, president Everett Piper was proud to be considered one of the 12. I am not sure that the history faculty at all of those schools will take kindly to being on the list. Four of the schools (Charis, Ecclesia, Patrick Henry, Pensacola) are not regionally accredited.
So as we get set to go back to school, if you want to study history at a school approved by David Barton, here are your options.