Mark Driscoll: Worship God with Your Wallet to Put Content on My Website

Yesterday, Mark Driscoll continued his Jonah sermon series at The Trinity Church in Scottsdale AZ. The series is interesting and has provides some additional tidbits of information for those interested in the implosion of Mars Hill Church. I will get to that in future posts. For now, I want to point out a new innovation for The Trinity Church, or at least it seems different than how Mars Hill did it.
Yesterday, Driscoll exhorted his new flock to “worship God with our wallet, we’ll give unto the Lord so that the message of Jesus goes forth.” Watch:

Now what is interesting is how that Jesus message is going forth. When you go to The Trinity Church’s website to watch the message, and click the “Watch” tab, one is taken to And of course if you want to give anything, you can give to Mark Driscoll Ministries, a separate non-profit. As it is right now, The Trinity Church website is a feeder for Mark Driscoll’s personal ministry. Watch:

At Mars Hill Church, Driscoll crafted a policy which gave him the rights to all of his sermons with the church allowed to stream them. At the new church, all of the sermon content will be available through

Each Sunday that I am in the pulpit, we will live-stream the sermon portion of the service at Our services start at 9 AM and 10:45 AM, and the sermon starts roughly fifteen minutes into the sermon.

He adds that sermons will be posted to his personal ministry website starting in November (link to sign up).  He says that many, but not all, sermons will be given away.
Time will tell how much Driscoll will monetize his sermons and work as pastor of The Trinity Church. For now, the church appears to be providing a suitable platform for his personal rebranding.