David Barton: Donald Trump is God's Candidate in This Election

So he told his Wallbuilders audience today.
Right Wing Watch has the audio.
What is maddening about Barton’s description is that he was asked for advice by a delegate who doesn’t believe Trump should represent the GOP. Instead of pointing the delegate to the Free the Delegate movement, he told him to accept Trump as “God’s candidate.”
Barton rationalized his advice:

“One thing I know for sure is that in the race of primaries, we had a lot really good God guys in there,” Barton said. “And we had a huge turnout of professing Christians and evangelicals and others, so there is nothing to complain about that we didn’t get a voice, we didn’t get a candidate. We had great candidates to choose from and this is who the people chose, and this is who the people chose with a really high turnout of evangelicals. So I kind of look back and say, ‘Hmmm, I wonder where God’s fingerprint is in this?’ because this is not necessarily a failure of the church.”

I wonder why Barton doesn’t consider Barack Obama God’s guy. Despite all kinds of evangelical GOTV efforts and prayer rallies and such, Obama won twice.
I am a mortal. I let God take care of His fingerprints. I can’t for a minute believe principled people are supposed to try to read God’s mind and come up with Donald Trump as “God’s candidate.”
The convention delegates have a gate keeping role and I hope that delegate who queried Barton will find the Free the Delegate folks and follow his conscience.