Gospel for Asia No Longer Member of National Religious Broadcasters; K.P. Yohannan No Longer on NRB Board

Acting on a tip, I contacted the National Religious Broadcasters to ask if Gospel for Asia had been dropped from membership in the organization. I also asked if K.P. Yohannan was still a part of the 2018 board class.
Spokesman Kenneth Chan provided the following statement:

GFA is no longer a member of NRB. That part of the website was outdated and now fixed.

Mr. Chan provided no answer to my question about why GFA isn’t a member.
At one time, the organization was a member and Yohannan was a member of the 2018 board class which means he was just re-elected in 2015 and was slated to serve until 2018. He had also been a member of the board class of 2015.
yohannan nrb
The member profile is still on the NRB website, but a link to it is missing in the directory of organizations.
Although no reason was given, and GFA did not respond to an inquiry, it seems obvious that the move is most likely in response to the ongoing scandal enveloping the second largest mission group in the nation.