Dominionism Denial 2.0

ted cruz
From Ted Cruz’s Google+ page

During the last election, certain evangelicals denied the dominionist leanings of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.
I haven’t seen much dominionism denial this time around, but here is an effort from David Limbaugh. Echoing David Barton’s evangelical founders theme, Limbaugh denies that evangelicals are the boogeymen.

Don’t believe fear-mongers who preach that evangelicals and other Christians seek to suppress liberties. You can be sure that precisely because of their Christian and biblical worldview, they are theocracy’s worst enemy and liberty’s best friend — the people most committed to preserving our freedoms by honoring the Constitution, whose integrity must be protected to keep government power in check.

There is some truth here. I am an evangelical and I strongly find common cause with the Virginia Baptists who aligned with heterodox Christian Thomas Jefferson to seek religious liberty. And certainly not all evangelicals are dominionists. In fact some of the biggest opponents of dominionists are evangelicals.
However, Ted Cruz and his advisors have sounded dominionist themes in this campaign all in the name of attracting evangelical voters. Ted Cruz’s father Rafael and his lead endorser Glenn Beck have stated that the Constitution was God-inspired. Another Cruz advisor, David Barton, claims man’s laws cannot contradict the Bible. The elder Cruz, Beck and Barton have all given public credence to the seven mountains dominionist theology.
Perhaps Limbaugh isn’t a dominionist, but he shouldn’t try to distract us from what is right in front of us.