Details about the Fraud Lawsuit Against Gospel for Asia (Full Text)

GFA HQ FrontCopy of the lawsuit against Gospel for Asia and exhibits have now been posted to the PACER system. The suit is Dickson v. Gospel for Asia (full text here) and is being brought on behalf of former donors Matthew and Jennifer Dickson and other former donors.
Former GFA donors should watch the case and may be able to share in a settlement. Eligible former donors will be contacted if the suit is successful. The suit alleges that K.P. Yohannan has used GFA to solicit money for the needy and then diverted those funds to purchase for-profit businesses. The other defendants are his wife (Gisela), his son (Danny Punnose), David Carroll, and Pat Emerick (Canadian director).
If successful, the lawsuit would effectively shut GFA down.
I will have more commentary over the next several days.
Read the suit here.
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