Amarillo Paper Reports on Mark Driscoll's New Church

With Jimmy Evans as the hook, the Amarillo Globe-News today published a story about Mark Driscoll’s new church.
Evans is a pastor at The Trinity Fellowship in the Amarillo area.
Along with Perry Noble and Robert Morris, we can add Jimmy Evans to the list of pastors who have taken a one-sided view of the situation in Seattle. Where is the effort to reach out to the former members and elders of Mars Hill?
One can read the report of elder charges here. This matter was never resolved. A group of elders investigated the charges and came back with a finding that Driscoll needed to be under the care of those elders. He resigned rather than submit to the very elders he appointed and the process he created.
Along with Noble, Evans’ concern is for Driscoll.

Evans said he’s looking forward to witnessing how the Lord will work in Mark Driscoll’s life and new church.

“It is exciting to see God’s redemptive power working in this situation, and I’m humbled to be a part of it,” Evans said.

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