Will Ted Cruz's 1% Charitable Giving Hurt Him With Tithing Evangelicals?

As the Iowa primary approaches, Ted Cruz is facing criticism from rivals over his lack of tithing as indicated by tax returns for 2007-2010 disclosed when he ran for Senate. The Cruz family reported donations which amounted to about 1% of their income.
Some Christians who have spoken quite favorably of Cruz believe God requires Christians to give 10% to the church. For instance Gateway Church pastor Robert Morris has preached that Christians are cursed if they don’t tithe (see the video at the end of the post) and Gateway Church doesn’t allow non-tithers to volunteer. In late December, Morris attended a meeting in Texas along with other evangelicals for a meet and greet with Cruz, arranged by David Barton, the head of one of Cruz’s Super PACs.

Robert Morris and Ted Cruz Wilks Bros
Robert Morris’ Twitter Feed

Presumably, Cruz would not be allowed to volunteer at Gateway. If he is cursed, as Morris teaches, what kind of curses might Cruz bring to the White House?
To my knowledge, Morris has not endorsed Cruz and I reference his teaching because Cruz’s lack of tithing might matter to evangelicals who believe Morris’ teaching is correct.
Some Christians believe tithing was an Old Testament requirement but that Christians are not under that law. It may be that Cruz’s low level of giving would register but the effect might be less extreme.
Video of Morris describing Ted Cruz:

Robert Morris on the curse of not tithing.

More on tithing. Morris says at 17:14 that non-tithers are arrogant and have opened themselves up to demons.