Glenn Beck v. Donald Trump – Evidence for the Multiverse Hypothesis

Late yesterday on his Facebook page, Glenn Beck went off on Donald Trump somewhat in defense of his pal David Barton’s candidate Ted Cruz.
I can’t make much sense of the whole thing except that Beck hopes to defuse the win Trump had in answering Ted Cruz’s ill-advised attack on “New York values” during Thursday’s GOP debate. Beck brings the non sequitur like no one else.
On thing is sure, Beck is sure it is all about him:

He tried to cozy up to me. The blaze reporter that covered him as part of their beat can recall several conversations where he claimed I was “a genius” etc.

We laughed between ourselves at the time because I know that I am no genius and we suspected he was saying those things because we knew he was going to run.

But I must ask: Donald, Were you Lying then or now?

Just like you admitted with Cruz last week during the debate to justify your flip flop: “He is doing well in the polls now”, were you saying kind things about me then in hopes to ‘befriend and ‘purchase’ my silence?’

Or are you only trying to destroy me now because I will not be bullied away from the facts of who you are politically?

Make no mistake, I do not dislike you as an entertainer, or even a politician. To me you are irrelevant but I believe progressivism is a cancer to the constitution and you sir are the definition of a big government progressive.

You are more Phillip Drew or Father Couglin than a simple builder of Golf Courses.

To all those who truly claim to be constitutional conservatives who have also said “without question Cruz is the conservative in the race” and my personal favorite “Donald Trump is by no means or measurement a conservative”, what is it you are you getting out of remaining silent on the corruption of your principles? What is it you hope to gain? Access? A seat at the table? A round of golf with the president?

We know what Hillary, Anthony wiener, Charley Rangle and Harry Reid got: money.

Billionaires who use their money, connections and microphone don’t frighten me.

George Soros tried to silence me with smears, lies and intimidation.

It didn’t stop me then.

Donald Trump won’t stop me or the truth now.

His policies of progressivism and the tactics of Saul Alinsky are the same.

But, Mr Trump I know ‘spooky dude’ and you sir, are no spooky dude.

These guys are playing in some other universe. Spooky.