Canadian Church Pulls Support for Gospel for Asia

Faith Mennonite Church yesterday alerted the congregation that Gospel for Asia will be removed from their offering schedule for at least two years.

As a leadership team, we have been watching the situation with GFA (Gospel for Asia) as significant concerns unfold about their financial management over the past number of months.  Given the most recent updates that we have seen, along with a lack of response to our query to GFA Canada for clarity on the situation, we have decided that it is appropriate to remove GFA from our offering schedule for the two years remaining in this offering cycle. While this situation is unfortunate, we feel that this is the path of most diligence at this time, given the information that we have been provided.

For an outline of the situation, please read this article from Christianity Today :

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On Tuesday, I disclosed that K.P. Yohannan fired two board members without due process and possibly in violation of Canadian law. Last year, I reported that Canadian contributions to GFA India were not reported in India.